Weekly news from Kusama&Polkadot #12

1. Polkadot has already 6 connected parachains

A historical moment for Polkadot just happened. After the Clover’s win in the 5th parachain auction, Polkadot now has the first six parachains connected.

Statemint is a common good parachain, so it got a slot without an auction. Winners of the first batch of auctions are Acala Network, Moonbeam, Astar Network, Parallel Finance and lastly Clover Finance.

Parachains on Polkadot

From 23rd December, we will be witnessing the second batch of auctions. There are two modifications in comparison to the first batch. There are 6 auctions in the second batch and after a week of an auction, there is one week delay to the other one being started. The last 11th auction will finish on 10th March.

2. Sakura is the winner of Kusama’s parachain auction #18

It has been an outstanding week for Clover Finance. Not just that Clover wins the 5th auction in Polkadot, but also the canary network Sakura secured a slot in Kusama. Both winning in the range of a few days!

For the 19th parachain auction on Kusama, there is a big favorite — Crust Shadow, a canary network of Crust Network — a decentralized storage protocol. Let's see if Robonomics or Integritee Network can outperform Crust, but it seems that it has already a solid lead.

3. Energy Web staking is live with 21,79% APY during the booster period

Energy Web started their staking with a limited staking pool cap set up to 5 mil. EWT. The cap was filled within two days by over 2500 unique DIDs. That's an awesome illustration of support and demand at the same time.

Energy Web decided to booster the early adopters by adding rewards for a period of the first three months. For that time, 21,79% APY is available for the staked $EWT.

EWT staking is available on the web stake-ewt.io, but as we mentioned earlier, the cap was filled so for new staking rewards, some users must unbond their tokens.

You can read an amazing article about staking $EWT by HSV-PORKY

4. Polkadot logo has been rebranded

Polkadot is governed by on-chain governance, so even things such as rebranding are subject to it. The proposal to rebrand Polkadot’s logo took place over a period of nine days where DOT holders voted on the future of Polkadot’s decentralized brand.

Polkadot is the first decentralized protocol with such changes as rebranding are done by on-chain governance. We are pleased that we are part of this amazing ecosystem. The decentralized one!

Polkadot logo was rebranded

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