Astar Network and dApp staking — unique solution for developers

What is Astar Network?

Astar Network is a multichain decentralized application hub on Polkadot, supporting EVM, WebAssembly and various layer 2 scaling solutions. Astar will serve as a bridge between the “old” EVM/Solidity world and “new” WASM/Rust world that brings faster and more secure smart contracts. So let’s talk about the two most important features — X-VM (Cross Virtual Machine) and dApp Staking.

X-VM (Cross Virtual Machine)

We believe that WebAssembly is the future of smart contracts (and dr. Gavin Wood believes this as well :-) but we also have to support the EVM until we arrive there. Many of the already existing or upcoming projects are created in Solidity because of its ease of use for the development. However, many new applications in the Polkadot ecosystem will use Ink! because Polkadot supports WebAssembly by definition. Under these circumstances, a platform that supports both Ethereum Virtual Machine and WebAssembly can be a true game changer.

To the core: dApp staking

DApp staking is the most innovative feature that is currently offered solely by Astar Network (Shiden on Kusama) in the entire ecosystem. We believe this will be a huge differentiator for developers looking to build dApps on Polkadot because all smart contract developers on the Astar Network can now get passive income for building their dApps.

How exactly dApp staking works?

To make it easier to understand dApp staking, let’s use a small illustration


In this example we are using an SDN token, but the same logic can be used for ASTA tokens as well.

DApp staking is live on Shiden mainnet!

Few words to finalize with Astar roadmap



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