Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #134


1. Web3 Foundation announces JAM Implementers’ Prize with 10M DOT pool

The Web3 Foundation Team is thrilled to open applications for the JAM Implementers’ Prize, offering a 10 million DOT prize pool to foster the development of the Join-Accumulate Machine (JAM) protocol. This initiative aims to diversify JAM implementations and strengthen the Polkadot ecosystem.

JAM is an evolutionary, minimalist blockchain protocol designed to enhance data management and interoperability within the network. Teams can apply here to participate and contribute to the future of blockchain technology.

2. Crust Network has won the 71st parachain auction on Polkadot

Crust Network has won the 71st parachain auction on Polkadot by raising 222 DOT worth 1,4k USD from 9 contributors. Crust is already a winner of auction no. 30.

Crust implements an incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, supporting various storage layer protocols like IPFS, and is designed to support both the application layer and a decentralized computing layer, aiming to build a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

3. Polkadot Hydration campaign launches with 1M DOT liquidity incentives

The Polkadot Hydration campaign has kicked off, offering 1 million DOT in liquidity incentives over the next year. Liquidity providers can earn up to 260% APR by providing liquidity for a single asset. This initiative aims to boost liquidity within the Polkadot ecosystem, making it an attractive opportunity for investors and it is funded from the Treasury, decided by DOT voters in OpenGov.

The tokens that you can earn incentives are for:

  • 2-pool USDT/USDC
  • 2-pool iBTC/WBTC

4. Moonbeam Foundation launches $10M Innovation Fund for Gaming, RWAs, and Moonriver

The Moonbeam Foundation has announced a $10 million Moonbeam Innovation Fund to foster development in gaming, real-world assets (RWAs), and the Moonriver network. This initiative, part of the Moonrise campaign, has invested in N3MUS, a gaming platform.

Additionally, $1.5 million is allocated for Moonbeam ecosystem grants and another $1.5 million for Moonriver grants, aiming to make Moonbeam a leading integrated Web3 platform.

5. StellaSwap launches GLMR incentives on Moonbeam Network

StellaSwap launches its mega liquidity incentive campaign beginning on June 14. This marks a new dawn for the platform as it kicks off with GLMR rewards on the Moonbeam Network.

All 100% of the 1.35 Million GLMR allocated to StellaSwap will be distributed to top liquidity pools to boost liquidity and engagement within the StellaSwap ecosystem.

Here is the list of pools that will be supercharged with GLMR incentives:

  • GLMR/USDC.xc (native)
  • DOT/USDT.xc
  • USDT.xc/USDC.xc (both native)
  • USDC.axl/USDC.xc
  • 2 stable & 1 LST pool included

6. Mimir integrates with Acala Network and Pendulum on Polkadot

Mimir has successfully integrated with Acala Network, the leading liquidity layer in the Polkadot ecosystem. With Acala hosting the second largest Multisig accounts, Mimir’s nested Multi-sig Wallet enhances Acala’s innovation and security efforts.

Additionally, Mimir has integrated with Pendulum, the public blockchain infrastructure solution for Traditional Finance in Polkadot, further strengthening its presence in the ecosystem. This partnership is set to drive more advancements in Web3 finance and security.

7. Bifrost launches vToken Reward-Share Program for sustainable DeFi rewards

Bifrost, a leading Liquid Staking L1 platform secured by Polkadot, introduces its vToken Reward-Share Program. This initiative enables partners to earn ongoing rewards by integrating Bifrost’s vToken minting portal into their platforms.

Partners can apply through Bifrost OpenGov, contributing to the growth of omni-chain liquid staking services and fostering capital efficiency in the DeFi ecosystem.

8. Ledger App now supports Astar Network dApp Staking v3 as the new voting period begins

Astar Network enjoys integration of the dApp Staking v3 into the Ledger app, providing a significant security boost for your assets. Users can start staking ASTR with bonuses, as the new voting period for dApp staking v3 began yesterday and will continue for 9 more days.

Since the voting period has started, it’s time to join dApp Staking and support your favorite project at http://portal.astar.network.

9. Nevermined and Olas join peaq ecosystem to revolutionize AI-powered devices and DePINs

Nevermined, a decentralized payments protocol for AI agents, and Olas, a platform for owning shares in AI agent economies, are teaming up with peaq.

By integrating with peaq, Nevermined enhances the ability of AI-powered devices to interact with the real world, allowing for efficient, automated financial exchanges without human intervention, driving innovation in decentralized AI commerce.

By collaborating with peaq, Olas facilitates the creation and co-ownership of AI-powered devices and systems, promoting scalable, decentralized business models and enhancing the functionality and efficiency of real-world AI applications in the Web3 ecosystem.

10. Phyken Network and E Money Network partner to tokenize green RWAs

Phyken Network, a DeFi protocol on Polkadot specializing in renewable energy asset fractionalization, has teamed up with E Money Network. This collaboration integrates E Money’s MiCA-compliant blockchain infrastructure, bridging traditional finance with Web3. It facilitates secure tokenization of green energy RWAs, ensuring regulatory compliance and fostering growth in decentralized finance.

11. SubQuery Network launches decentralized RPCs for Polkadot and Kusama

SubQuery Network has introduced decentralized RPCs for Polkadot and Kusama, marking a significant milestone for Substrate-based networks. These RPCs, operated by over 30 independent node operators, provide robust and secure data retrieval, smart contract interactions, and transaction submissions without centralized control points.

This innovation empowers DApps to operate efficiently on decentralized infrastructure, advancing the web3 ecosystem’s transparency and reliability.

12. Fearless Wallet iOS v3.6.3 launches with enhanced features

Fearless Wallet’s latest iOS version 3.6.3 is now available, bringing a host of improvements to the user experience. This update introduces streamlined asset management that optimizes interactions with assets, and faster app load times through enhanced chain connection optimizations.

New users will benefit from an improved onboarding experience that highlights the new asset management flow, making it easier to navigate and utilize the features of Fearless Wallet.

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