Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #133


1. HydraDX rebrands to Hydration

HydraDX has rebranded to Hydration, continuing its mission to make finance efficient, simple, and unstoppable. Hydration integrates swaps, lending, and the Hollar stablecoin, uniting DeFi’s holy trinity within a scalable appchain. Embrace the future with Hydration.

Learn more: hydration.net

2. Telenova wallet on Telegram by Nova Wallet allows easy sending USDT

Nova Wallet introduces a new feature of Telenova, the self-custodial Telegram wallet for the Polkadot ecosystem. From now on, Telenova allows users to send USDT to anyone on Telegram. Whether as a gift for friends, family, or relatives, Telenova makes it seamless and secure. Start using Telenova Telegram Bot today and experience effortless USDT transfers on Telegram.

3. Web3 Foundation announced 2nd cohort of the Decentralized Voices program

Web3 Foundation unveils the second cohort of the Decentralized Voices (DV) program for Polkadot and Kusama, delegating significant voting power to active participants. With an expanded lineup of delegates, each receiving substantial KSM or DOT, the program aims to foster community representation in governance decisions. The selection process prioritized active engagement, diverse perspectives, and contributions to the Polkadot ecosystem.

Here are the new delegates:

Polkadot: BRA_16 Collective, ChaosDAO, Ezio Rojas, Irina Karagyaur, Lucky Friday Labs, Mexican Collective, Oneblock+, Polkassembly, Saxemberg, Scytale Digital

Kusama: 0xGeorgii | SpaceInvader, Alex | PromoTeam, Bruno Škvorc, Dr. Jeff Cao, Lorena Fabris, KSM Community Collective, Luke Schoen, Roger Le, Thomas Rivier | Bifrost, Tommi/Hitchhooker | Rotko.net

4. Polkaport East received a grant from Decentralized Futures program by W3F

Polkaport East has received a grant from the Web3 Foundation’s Decentralized Futures Program. Set to become a hub in Hong Kong, it will foster a strong Polkadot community, attract new teams, and engage institutional investors. Key initiatives include co-working spaces, monthly meetups, keynote sessions, investor dinners, and annual conferences. The project, led by Max Rebol, Vincent Chan, and Thibault Perréard, aims for a vibrant, self-sustaining Polkadot presence in one of the world’s financial centers.

5. Talisman Quests launches official points program

Talisman, an innovative multi-chain wallet, has launched its official points program called Talisman Quests. Users can now earn XP by engaging in Wallet Mining, completing Quests with partners like Treasure DAO and XAI Games, and referring friends.

The program offers monthly rank advancements and rewards, enhancing user experience and engagement. Designed for seamless UX and unparalleled security, Talisman aims to build the best multi-chain wallet in the Web3 ecosystem.

If you will go for Talisman Quests, you can use our referral link.

6. OAK Network rebrands to Ava Protocol and expands to Ethereum

OAK Network has rebranded to Ava Protocol, extending its autonomous transaction infrastructure to include Ethereum. Ava Protocol now serves both Ethereum and Polkadot, offering private autonomous transactions and cross-chain automation. The transition includes renaming OAK tokens to AP, maintaining existing tokenomics. The Ava mainnet will launch on Ethereum’s EigenLayer and Polkadot, supported by new funding. TUR token plans and a comprehensive roadmap are forthcoming.

7. Crust and Tanssi collaborate for advanced decentralized storage

Crust Network has partnered with Tanssi to enhance decentralized storage with advanced appchain infrastructure. Leveraging Tanssi’s capabilities, Crust aims to streamline infrastructure management and optimize blockspace usage. This collaboration boosts operational efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances data security. Crust, operating within the Polkadot ecosystem, integrates with Tanssi to manage rising transaction volumes and infrastructure demands, setting a new standard in decentralized storage and computing.

8. Tanssi unveils major Dancebox update for appchain builders

Tanssi’s testnet, Dancebox, now offers builders enhanced capabilities, including pay-as-you-go block production, token management, and native cross-chain communication. These updates signify a significant step towards the Tanssi Network launch, showcasing Tanssi’s dedication to simplifying appchain launch and management. With streamlined operations and improved interoperability, builders can expect a more efficient and seamless experience in the blockchain ecosystem.

9. Phyken Network partners with Avail to scale RWA tokenization

Phyken Network is partnering with Avail to enhance real-world asset (RWA) tokenization within a multichain ecosystem. By integrating Avail’s modular layers, including Avail DA, Fusion, and Nexus, Phyken aims to improve scalability, security, and interoperability. This collaboration will accelerate the tokenization of green energy assets on the blockchain, leveraging Avail’s trust-minimized Web3 infrastructure for seamless cross-chain transactions.

10. Polkaswap v1.37.0 goes live with Kensetsu Platform

Polkaswap v1.37.0 has launched on mainnet, featuring Kensetsu, SORA’s equivalent of MakerDAO. Using SORA network oracles, Kensetsu allows users to lock collateral and create over-collateralized stablecoins pegged to assets like fiat currencies, gold, and silver. The KEN token, incentivizing liquidity for Kensetsu stablecoins, is also live. Those who participated in the $XOR burn-drop can now check their wallets for KEN rewards.

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