Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #132


1. Gavin Wood and Vitalik Buterin discussed at ETH Prague 2024

At ETH Prague 2024, Gavin Wood joined Vitalik Buterin in a Fireside chat. They met on the stage for the first time after Gavin left Ethereum and decided to build Polkadot from scratch.

Polkadot was also one of the sponsors of ETH Prague. The event, focusing on Ethereum’s future potential, encouraged developers, hackers, and thinkers to tackle challenges for the next decade. Participants engaged in an offline hackathon to collaborate on sustainable and decentralized projects, with opportunities to win in various categories and access high-quality workshops and talks.

Fireside chat with Gavin & Vitalik

Watch the Fireside chat between Vitalik Buterin & Gavin Wood


2. Mythical Games partners with Pudgy Penguins for a new AAA mobile Party Game

At Consensus 2024, Mythical Games announced a partnership with Pudgy Penguins to develop an icy new mobile party game. Set to launch in 2025 on the Mythos Chain, this AAA-styled game will feature the beloved Pudgy Penguins characters.

Combining Mythical Games’ Web3 gaming expertise and Pudgy Penguins’ popular NFT collection, this collaboration aims to offer an engaging and accessible gaming experience for millions worldwide.

3. TVVIN to launch gold and utility tokens on Polkadot

TVVIN, a Real-World Asset (RWA) tokenization platform, is launching its LBMA-certified gold token (VVG) and platform utility token (TVVIX) on Polkadot. This move aims to enhance operational efficiency and scalability, combining the stability of assets like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with blockchain opportunities.

TVVIN remains committed to its omni-chain strategy, planning future launches on Cardano and other blockchains. Stay tuned for more updates as TVVIN continues to innovate in the RWA space.

4. Talisman Quests Phase “0” concludes with DOT airdrop

The initial phase of Talisman Quests has wrapped up, with overwhelming interest and participation. Talisman already distributed a DOT airdrop to its first elite Questers.

Rewards have already been distributed on AssetHub, so if you participated, check your Talisman Wallet.

5. DATS Project joins the peaq ecosystem for cybersecurity revolution

The DATS Project, a DePIN for cybersecurity services, is joining the peaq ecosystem, bringing decentralized blockchain technology to combat cybercrime.

This collaboration allows community members to earn rewards by lending their spare computing power to fight cyber threats. With 1,184 computers and 7,562 CPU cores, DATS Project offers enhanced security solutions, transparency, and scalability, leveraging peaq’s blockchain for efficient resource management and reward distribution.

6. Hypersign partners with Phyken Network for multi-chain KYC solution

Hypersign, a leading KYC service provider, has partnered with Phyken Network to deliver a seamless, on-chain KYC system across multiple blockchains. This collaboration ensures consistent identity verification for users, enhancing security and compliance for Phyken Network’s real-world asset (RWA) tokenization and DeFi operations. Hypersign’s standardized protocols and smart contracts simplify integration, making it essential for businesses navigating evolving regulatory landscapes. Stay tuned for more updates on this innovative partnership.

7. The HASHI Substrate bridge connection Liberland

The HASHI Substrate bridge now allows the connection to Liberland, allowing seamless token transfers between Liberland and the SORA network. Transfer tokens like LLD and LLM with ease. Check it out on Polkaswap.

Liberland, a sovereign state on the Danube River, champions libertarian values such as autonomy and minimal state intervention.

8. Spacewalk Bridge integrates Stellar and its smart contract platform, Soroban, with Polkadot

Stellar and its smart contract platform, Soroban, are integrating with Polkadot through the Spacewalk bridge done by Pendulum, enabling seamless asset transfers. This enhances Polkadot’s DeFi capabilities and opens up new opportunities for collaboration, especially in cross-border payments. Developers can leverage Soroban’s tools to build dApps that interact with both ecosystems. Start exploring today to unlock new markets and opportunities for growth in the blockchain landscape.

9. SingularityNET and OriginTrail partner to advance Decentralized Knowledge Graphs

SingularityNET and Trace Labs’ OriginTrail have announced a strategic partnership to enhance decentralized knowledge graphs (DKGs). This collaboration leverages SingularityNET’s AI platform and OriginTrail’s Verifiable Internet for AI to tackle challenges like AI hallucinations and data bias.

Integrating decentralized AI models and smart contracts, the partnership aims to create secure, efficient, and privacy-centric AI solutions across various sectors, including Industry 4.0 and decentralized science.

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