Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #131


1. Conor Daly secures Top 10 finish in Indy 500, earns ‘Biggest Mover’ award

In a remarkable performance at the Indy 500, Conor Daly moved from 29th in qualifying to a creditable 10th place finish. Daly’s outstanding drive earned him the prestigious ‘Biggest Mover’ award after he moved up an impressive 19 places during the race.

To add to his honors, Daly led for 19 laps of the 200-lap contest, demonstrating remarkable skill and determination.


Conor Daly raced in the colors of Polkadot, thanks to sponsorship secured through the OpenGov referendum, demonstrating the growing influence of blockchain-based initiatives in sports sponsorship.

2. Spot Ethereum ETF approved by SEC

The wait is over for crypto enthusiasts in the US. The SEC has finally approved 8 ETF applications, including BlackRock, Fidelity, Grayscale, Bitwise, ARK Invest, VanEck, Invesco Galaxy and Franklin Templeton.

The spot Ethereum ETF will pave the way for easier institutional investment in the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency. This landmark decision could trigger a surge in Ethereum’s adoption and mainstream recognition.

With the door open for spot ETFs, decentralized projects like Polkadot could be next in line for regulatory approval after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

3. Polkadot celebrates four years since genesis block

On May 26th we mark four years since Polkadot’s first block was produced.

In that time, the network has achieved significant milestones:

  • 820M+ DOT staked
  • 25M DOT granted by the treasury
  • 790K+ XCM messages sent
  • 904 OpenGov proposals
  • 50 Polkadot parachains

4. Moonrise: Ushering in a new era for Moonbeam

Moonbeam’s evolution, known as Moonrise, introduces significant updates and a rebrand. Key highlights:

  • Core Protocol Enhancements: Improved transaction times, 8x increased throughput, and compatibility with Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade.
  • New Ecosystem Integrations: Enhanced interoperability with Glacis and Tanssi integrations, and Moonriver revitalization with Axelar’s Amplifier.
  • Cutting-Edge Developer Tools: Enhanced governance tracks, Account Abstraction support, and expanded tooling for streamlined development.
  • Frictionless User Experiences: Initiatives like zkAuth for Web2 authentication and updated tokenomics.
  • Rebranding: Reflecting Moonbeam’s vision as a hub for developers and Web3 enthusiasts.

5. Apillon’s NCTR from Polimec crowdsale will be available in one month

Apillon is excited to announce the launch of its NCTR token after the crowdsale on the Polimec platform was taken. In this groundbreaking event, 2 million NCTR tokens will be available to the crowdsale participants in less than a month.

Polimec sets a new standard for Web3 fundraising, offering regulatory compliance and on-chain credentials. This partnership highlights Apillon’s innovation and Polimec’s confidence in Apillon’s vision.

The Apillon platform serves as a unified gateway to the Web3 services provided by linked Polkadot parachains.

6. DED memecoin is now listed on CoinGecko

The DED memecoin is now listed on CoinGecko, a well-known crypto data aggregator.

The fully diluted valuation of DED is $630 million. A total of 1.3 million DOT holders received DED tokens via airdrop.

DED showcases its ambitions and influence in the blockchain sector, especially within the memecoin trend that dominated Q1 2024. DED is already listed on the MEXC exchange and multiple DEXes such as StellaSwap and HydraDX.


7. Karura token Playdrop coming coon to Playnation

Playnation recently announced its partnership with Karura for the upcoming Playdrop campaign starting in June. Participants will have the opportunity to join the Playnation x Karura airdrop and claim their share of KAR tokens.

8. Robert Habermeier introduces NOMT: The Nearly Optimal Merkle Trie Database

Robert Habermeier has recently introduced NOMT, the Nearly Optimal Merkle Trie Database, aimed at solving blockchain scaling issues related to state access and merklization.

NOMT leverages modern SSDs to allow highly scalable blockchain nodes to run on regular hardware. This innovation, inspired by Preston Evans of Sovereign Labs and funded by Sovereign, promises to enhance blockchain performance, making it a vital tool for the future of blockchain technology.

Read more details in Rob's blog.


9. Staex integrates peaq IDs and role-based access control

Staex has added peaq IDs and role-based access control to its network, enhancing security and management for IoT devices. This integration allows builders to use Staex as a secure connectivity layer for peaq, making it easier to build reliable and secure DePINs (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) on the platform.

With these advancements, the community can expect a more secure and efficient automated future.

10. Charge joins the peaqosystem

Charge.xyz, an electric vehicle charging DePIN, joins the peaqosystem with a mission to democratize EV charging. This platform allows any car to charge at any point, enabling peer-to-peer transactions where users can earn by sharing their chargers.

Fragmentation in charging points hinders EV adoption. Charge.xyz addresses this by leveraging Web3 technology, turning millions of private chargers public. Equipped with peaq IDs, Charge.xyz uses peaq for payments and data storage, simplifying vehicle charging.

The Charge.xyz mobile app will let users place and manage charging stations, including setting availability and pricing. Public chargers will be integrated later, with a full launch expected this year.

11. Tanssi and DOTA collaborate for scalable digital asset management

Tanssi, an infrastructure protocol for appchain deployment, has partnered with DOTA, a network for blockchain inscriptions, to launch DOTA on Tanssi’s Dancebox TestNet. This collaboration aims to enhance DOTA’s scalability and interoperability using Tanssi’s advanced tools.

DOTA, known for its fair launch mechanism, will leverage Tanssi’s infrastructure to manage digital assets securely and efficiently, promising a robust and transparent ecosystem for digital asset management.

12. Pixudi scales with Tanssi’s Appchain for premier gameplay & UX

Tanssi’s appchain infrastructure is partnering with Pixudi, a team merging traditional race board games with blockchain tech. Launching the Pixudi Arcade on Dancebox, Tanssi’s testnet, this collaboration enables Pixudi to scale its player base while maintaining a top-tier user experience. With Pixudi’s own appchain, users will enjoy diverse and engaging games, fostering a vibrant community within the Tanssi ecosystem.

13. Solana IBC transfers are live thanks to Picasso Network

The implementation of IBC on Solana is now complete thanks to Picasso Network, marking the first trust-minimized connection between Solana, Cosmos, Ethereum, and Polkadot. Additionally, the PICA token is now natively available on Solana via Orca. This launch expands cross-ecosystem integration possibilities, setting the stage for novel collaborations.

The PICA/SOL pool is live on Orca, with initial liquidity seeded and more to come over the next week.

14. Velocity Labs receives Web3 Foundation Grant from the Decentralized Futures Program

Velocity Labs secures the latest grant from the Web3 Foundation’s Decentralized Futures Program, signaling a leap forward in redefining DeFi within Polkadot. The venture studio aims to enhance Polkadot’s DeFi landscape by fostering accessibility, composability, and usability, focusing on four key initiatives:

  1. DeFi Infra & Tooling Bounty Program: Addressing ecosystem pain points by incentivizing builders.
  2. Token Transfer SDK: Facilitating seamless token transfers across Polkadot.
  3. DeFi Builders Program: Supporting DeFi projects from inception to market success.
  4. Infrastructure Development: Creating on-ramping and custody solutions for parachains.

15. SORA v3 unveils deflationary tokenomics

SORA is shaking up the blockchain economy with SORA v3, a revolutionary update focused on sustainable growth. This new model discovers the “holy grail” — financing production without inflating the native token (XOR).

Stage 1 launches soon, featuring a deflationary XOR supply due to the end of TBCD minting. Producers, the lifeblood of the network, will receive funding through convertible tokens mimicking XOR in specific Polkaswap pools. This strategic funding empowers builders while promoting a healthy and sustainable economic future for SORA.

16. SORA launches Kensetsu

Also, get ready for the launch of Kensetsu, overcollateralised borrowing platform similar to MakerDAO, using the Polkadot SDK. Kensetsu will use native and foreign assets as collateral, backing multiple pegged assets like KUSD or KAU (XAU gold) tokens.

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