Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #129

1. Integritee won the 69th parachain auction on Polkadot

Integritee has won the 69th parachain auction on Polkadot by self-funding 1,000 DOT worth 6,63k USD. Integritee is already a winner of auction no. 23.

Integritee is the most scalable public blockchain solution for securely processing sensitive business or personal data. It offers the speed and confidentiality of trusted execution environments, combined with the trust of a decentralized network.

2. Asynchronous Backing has been enabled on Polkadot, Hyperbridge was the parachain that activated it

Polkadot introduces Asynchronous Backing, a groundbreaking enhancement streamlining block validation on the Relay Chain. With blocks produced twice as fast, accommodating 3–5 times more extrinsics, and offering 6–10 times increased blockspace, this innovation amplifies throughput by 8x without compromising security.

Positioned as a cornerstone of “Polkadot 2.0”, alongside Elastic Scaling and Agile Coretime (half-done), this advancement heralds a new era of scalability, vital for Web3 applications like gaming and DeFi.

Hyperbridge was the first parachain on Polkadot which activated async-backing.

3. Acala introduces One-Click DOT Liquid Staking

Unlock the power of your idle DOT with Acala’s latest innovation in liquid staking. With just one click, seamlessly stake your DOT from Polkadot, Moonbeam, or HydraDX without the hassle of bridging. Currently offering an enticing 19.17% APY, the process is simplified on Acala’s user-friendly dashboard. Stake your DOT effortlessly and watch your assets grow.


4. Cohort 2 of the Decentralized Voices program on Polkadot and Kusama is open for applications

The Decentralized Voices program, initiated by the

, is now accepting applications for its second cohort. Designed to foster active participation in governance, the program delegates significant voting power to community members on Polkadot and Kusama.

With enhancements such as increased delegations and the addition of the Treasurer track, this initiative aims to amplify diverse voices and promote transparent governance. Interested applicants can apply now to contribute to the decentralized evolution of the Polkadot ecosystem by filling out this application. The decision will be made within two weeks.

5. AirLyft selected as a next recipient of the Decentralized Futures program

As a new recipient of the Web3 Foundation’s Decentralized Futures program grant, AirLyft is revolutionizing decentralized growth, loyalty, and onboarding processes on Polkadot. By simplifying parachain learning, onboarding, and incentivization, AirLyft empowers project teams to focus on innovation while enhancing accessibility to blockchain technology.

AirLyft automates key stages of parachain development using off-chain/on-chain indexers, APIs, automated reward distributions, and more, ensuring robust sybil prevention and enhancing product and social adoption on Polkadot.

6. Mythos Chain integrated into the Subscan block explorer

Celebrating a milestone, Mythos Chain unveils its block explorer integration with Subscan, marking a significant step towards integration with the Polkadot ecosystem. Excitement brews as they gear up to showcase this technology in their upcoming games.

With plans for a v2 in June, featuring staking and potentially NFT information, and ongoing integration with a DEX, preferably HydraDX, Mythos Chain is poised for an exciting journey ahead. Explore Mythos Chain’s potential at https://mythos.subscan.io.


7. Polkadot DeFi & Infrastructure Bounty by Velocity Labs is now open for applications

As Polkadot charts its path towards decentralized finance (DeFi) dominance, Velocity Labs unveils the DeFi and Infrastructure Polkadot Bounty, aiming to bolster the ecosystem’s development. Following setbacks like hacks and de-peg events, this initiative, backed by the Web3 Foundation’s Decentralized Futures program, aims to bridge crucial gaps in token infrastructure and tooling.

With grants focusing on vital areas like token infrastructure, composability, and seamless onboarding, the Polkadot community is invited to collaborate and shape the future of DeFi. Apply now by filling out this form to be part of this transformative journey.

8. DED listed on the MEXC exchange

Following the conclusion of the Kickstarter session for DED, users have collectively pledged 49,939,063 MX to facilitate its listing on the MEXC exchange. Airdrop rewards have been duly distributed to users’ accounts.

The listing includes open deposits, with DED/USDT trading set to commence in the Innovation Zone on May 9, 2024, followed by withdrawals available from May 10, 2024.

9. DED MINE, powered by Unique Network, surpasses 11,000 players

DED MINE, the popular brick-breaker game developed by DED Games, has exceeded 11,000 registered players. Leveraging the Unique Network’s cutting-edge blockchain technology, including advanced NFT features like Nested NFTs, DED MINE offers an immersive gaming experience. DED is also a well-known memecoin on Polkadot.

10. Seamless token transfers enabled between Energy Web Chain and Energy Web X with a LOWERING function

Following the successful implementation of the LIFTING function for EWT transfers to Energy Web X, the LOWERING function is now activated. Users can effortlessly move tokens between the Energy Web Chain and Energy Web X and vice versa.

Stay updated by downloading the latest version of Energy Web Marketplace from http://energywebx.com/.

11. Energy Web X marketplace app now available on the AppStore

The Energy Web X Marketplace application has successfully cleared Apple’s rigorous review process, making it accessible in 175 countries and regions via AppStore. Empower your worker node with EWT and unleash its potential. Download now from the AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/nl/app/energy-web-marketplace/id6469872354

12. Vara integrates Acurast to empower Web3 development with decentralized cloud solutions

Vara recently announced its integration with Acurast, a decentralized serverless cloud designed to boost performance, offer developer support, and accelerate Web3 adoption. Acurast revolutionizes cloud computing for dApp developers, leveraging untapped smartphone computing power to create a decentralized cloud without servers.

This partnership allows Vara Network developers to access decentralized computational resources previously unavailable, fostering a vibrant Web3 ecosystem. Learn more about Vara Network’s commitment to next-gen applications and decentralized infrastructure.

13. Xcavate and Acurast forge Web3 Real Estate partnership

Xcavate, a leading real estate platform, collaborates with Acurast to integrate decentralized cloud solutions for real-world asset data. This partnership empowers Xcavate to access off-chain data crucial for real estate tokenization, tapping into the booming Web3 market.

Acurast’s decentralized Cloud DePIN provides enhanced computing capabilities, ensuring confidentiality and security. Together, they aim to revolutionize real estate transactions with transparency and accessibility.

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