Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #128

1. The first Kusama Coretime sale marks a historic milestone

Less than a year after its inception by

, Agile Coretime witnessed its inaugural bulk purchase on Kusama Network.

Sold for 24,06 KSM (approximately $680 USD) on April 30 at 10 pm UTC, this core no 52. grants the buyer 28-day block production rights. With more cores set for sale, this transition signals a shift from traditional auctions to Coretime sales, with revenue burned to bolster protocol funds.

After this amazing event, already two more cores 53 & 54 were sold for a price of around 23 KSM. Additional cores will become accessible as throughput is tested and legacy parachain leases expire.

What does this all mean? You can purchase four weeks of uninterrupted blockspace for your appchain at the cost of 660 USD on Kusama.

Source: Lastic.xyz

2. Join the Let’s Forkin Dance: Tanssi Network’s testnet party begins

Tanssi Network is launching Let’s Forkin Dance, inviting participants, developers, and block producers to its incentivized dDancebox Testnet campaign. Featuring a mix of on-chain and off-chain quests tailored for Tanssians, Builders, and Block Producers, the campaign allocates 1% of the Tanssi Network across three tracks, fueling growth and engagement.

Dive into the action and explore the incentives for each track at https://lfd.tanssi.network.

3. Create Unique Nested NFTs in Polkadot Loves Conor NFT mint contest

Get creative by combining your personalized race car helmet with your own NFTs in the exciting Polkadot Loves Conor NFT Mint Contest by Unique Network. Join now and complete the tasks to participate. Need assistance? Check out the full contest details and watch the helpful video guide to ace this week’s nesting NFT challenge.

Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your creativity! Join the Zealy tasks here.

4. US PayPal users can now purchase Polkadot and other cryptocurrencies via MoonPay

Exciting news for US PayPal users! MoonPay has partnered with PayPal, allowing users to purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Polkadot, Solana, and more.

This collaboration marks MoonPay as the first on-and-off-ramp provider to integrate PayPal, revolutionizing how US customers acquire digital assets.

5. Phala integrates DCAP verification for enhanced network security

Phala Network achieves a significant milestone by integrating DCAP verification into its worker nodes, bolstering network security. This advancement ensures the legitimacy of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) like Intel SGX, reinforcing confidence in the integrity of code execution.

With a focus on trustless verification, Phala continues to strengthen its decentralized confidential computing platform, offering a robust and reliable solution for users.

6. Get ready for the MYTH airdrop with Nova Wallet integration

Nova Wallet has integrated with the Mythos network, enabling users to access their tokens seamlessly once the MYTH airdrop begins. You will be able to send and receive MYTH and later on also swap directly in the wallet.

It's another token from the Polkadot ecosystem, that was enabled on Nova Wallet.

7. Nova Wallet now supports KILT cross-chain transfer option

Another piece of news for Nova Wallet users. A new feature allows for effortless cross-chain transfers of KILT tokens between KILT and HydraDX. Now, managing your KILT tokens across different chains is easier than ever with Nova Wallet’s latest update.

8. StellaSwap’s public dashboard goes LIVE on Dune Analytics

The public dashboard of StellaSwap is now available on Dune Analytics, providing access to key metrics such as daily volumes, pool breakdown, swap volume accounts, active accounts, swap transactions, and unique accounts.


9. ACA staking is now safer, while available for Ledger users

From now on, the Acala platform now support ACA staking via Ledger hardware wallet, making it easier than ever to participate. What are the steps to stake ACA via Ledger?

  1. Visit https://apps.acala.network/staking
  2. Connect your Ledger HW
  3. Enter the amount of ACA you want to stake
  4. Confirm the transaction on your Ledger

Start earning safely now via Ledger HW with the current 25,18% APR. Unstaking period is 28 days. The minimum for staking is 100 ACA.

10. Nodle and Watu forge partnership to revolutionize motorcycle taxi tracking in East Africa

Nodle has teamed up with Watu to introduce groundbreaking blockchain technology for real-time location tracking of motorcycle taxis across East Africa.

Leveraging Nodle’s decentralized infrastructure network (DePIN), financed vehicles by Watu will now have enhanced security and visibility, benefiting millions of riders and operators. The initiative kicks off in Uganda in May 2024 and will expand to several other African countries, revolutionizing asset management in the region.

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