Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #127

1. LAOS won the 68th parachain auction on Polkadot

LAOS has won the 68th parachain auction on Polkadot, when 364 participants locked ~98k DOT worth 653k USD into the crowdloan. LAOS was leading the auction for 3/4 of the time, so there was no surprise here.

LAOS brings Bridgeless Connectivity to blockchains like Ethereum and Polygon, removing the need for bridges and making transactions smoother. Its goal is to handle Digital Ownership transactions across chains, promoting practical token use beyond speculation. LAOS also adds Decentralized Asset Metadata Extension, allowing NFT descriptions to be expanded across different platforms for various purposes like copyright management.

2. Ramp boosts Polkadot presence with Asset Hub integration

Ramp integrates with Asset Hub on Polkadot, aiming to serve any parachain within the ecosystem, streamlining DeFi accessibility. Velocity Labs collaborates with Ramp to address Asset Hub’s constraints, enhancing its usability and unleashing its full potential. As a leading onramp infrastructure provider, Ramp connects the crypto economy with global financial infrastructure, offering streamlined conversions between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies across 150+ countries.

3. Talisman Quests: Game Your Way to $25,000 DOT Airdrop

Talisman is a user-friendly, multi-chain browser extension wallet designed for both beginners and experienced users. It boasts top-notch security features, supports over 180 networks, and allows users to stake various cryptocurrencies, not just DOT or ETH.

Recently Talisman launched its Quest App in Open Beta. The current Phase will run until April 30th. Let’s dive into the details and what you can achieve in the Paraverse.

Getting Started with Talisman Quests

  1. Download Talisman Wallet: This is the first step to joining the adventure. The user-friendly wallet allows you to store and manage crypto assets across multiple blockchains.
  2. Visit the Talisman Quests page via our referral link to grab a 3 XP bonus.
  3. Connect an Ethereum Account: Link your Ethereum account to your Talisman Wallet.
  4. Create Your Quests Profile: This profile tracks your progress and allows you to claim rewards.

🔗 Visit the Talisman Quests Application here 👈

4. Deloitte and Polimec launch KYC credential: W3F sponsoring 5000 of them, get one now almost for free

Deloitte and Polimec unveil KYC Credential, a pioneering identity verification solution on Polkadot. This banking-grade standard offers reusable credentials, empowering users with self-sovereign identity.

Sponsored by Web3 Foundation, 5,000 credentials are available at up to 98% off. This collaboration enhances Polkadot’s reputation for security and attracts major players like Deloitte, propelling blockchain adoption. Join the revolution in decentralized finance with KYC Credential, setting new industry standards for trust and collaboration.

5. KILT token joins Omnipool: Trade KILT for 30+ assets easily

KILT, the native token of KILT protocol, is now available for trading in the HydraDX Omnipool, enabling seamless swaps between KILT and over 30 other assets.

The liquidity pool of 250,000 KILT was provided trustlessly by the KILT Protocol Treasury, governed by KILT holders through on-chain governance.

KILT serves as the backbone of an identity blockchain, offering decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials for secure identity solutions in various sectors.

6. Agent Wars by Phala Network: Revolutionizing AI-agent economics

Agent Wars by Phala Network introduces a pioneering experiment where tokenomics intersects with AI agent technology. This user-friendly game allows anyone to create AI agents, offering monetization opportunities through key ownership. With a democratic DAO governance, key holders collectively manage agents’ traits, fostering continuous improvement. Join the waitlist at https://phala.network/ai for an invite code and be part of this groundbreaking AI-agent economy.

7. Unique NFT: Conor Daly’s pink race car collection

Get ready to race into excitement with Conor Daly’s Polkadot pink race car NFT collection and join the thrill as Unique NFT Network presents this electrifying collection from their ongoing mint contest.

There is an ongoing contest for 500 USD worth of tokens in rewards for 25 lucky participants. It runs till May 3rd, so hurry up.

Experience the exclusive community-made Polkadot x Conor Daly collection featuring stunning pink-powered race cars. Don’t miss out on this adrenaline-fueled NFT journey — check out the collections now at https://unqnft.io/unique/market?filterState=&searchValue=Conor.

Unique Conor Daly NFTs collections

8. Polkaswap integrates with Acala Network via Hashi Bridge

Polkaswap’s latest update, v1.33.0, introduces seamless integration with Acala Network, elevating its decentralized exchange protocol. This integration includes the HASHI bridge connection, enabling effortless interaction between Polkaswap and Acala.

Acala’s dedication to expanding bridges with Polkadot and Kusama parachains via HRMP channels enhances interoperability, solidifying Polkaswap’s position as a leading orderbook decentralized exchange protocol. Discover the upgraded features at https://polkaswap.io/#/bridge/

9. MapMetrics shifts from Solana to peaq blockchain for enhanced DePIN capabilities

MapMetrics, the drive-to-earn DePIN project, is making a significant move by transitioning from the Solana blockchain to peaq. The switch aims to leverage peaq’s specialized layer-1 solution tailored for DePIN and Machine real-world assets (RWAs).

With a focus on decentralized global mapping using Web3 technology, MapMetrics rewards users with tokens and NFTs for providing live traffic and map data. Brent van der Heiden, MapMetrics’ co-founder, cited peaq’s modular DePin functionality, including Peaq ID for decentralized machine identity and DePIN data verification framework, as key drivers behind the transition.

This move opens doors for potential synergies within the wider peaq ecosystem, fostering growth opportunities and new partnerships for MapMetrics.


10. Litentry unveils IdentityHub V0.8 with a chance to win 20,000 USDT rewards

Litentry has rolled out IdentityHub V0.8, enticing users with a chance to snag 20,000 USDT in rewards. Engage in data verification and identity management tasks to boost your odds.

This update promises enhanced user interaction and engagement, introducing new features for improved identity management tools. Join the IdentityHub for exclusive benefits and opportunities.


11. Upcoming Twitter Spaces AMA with Seun Lanlege about Hyperbridge

Mark your alarm for today, 5 pm CET, as we host Seun Lanlege from Polytope Labs in our next Twitter Spaces AMA.

Join us as we delve into Hyperbridge, a hyper-scalable, interoperability coprocessor, powered by zkSNARKs. Hyperbridge's industry-leading architecture allows anyone to permissionlessly relay cross-chain messages and be fully incentivized to do so.

If you are curious about Hyperbridge and how it works, and you might even want to ask Seun a question, just enter the AMA session today and as at the end of the show!

Here is the link for the AMA, click now and add an alert to your X app.


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