Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #124

1. Litentry won 66th parachain auction on Polkadot

Litentry has won the 66th parachain auction on Polkadot by using self-funds, concretely 180k DOT worth 1,5M USD. Litentry is already a winner of the auction no. 15.

Litentry revolutionizes decentralized identity management by offering a secure, interoperable protocol across multiple networks, featuring a unique DID indexing mechanism and a Substrate-based credit computation network, enabling users to manage their identities seamlessly and dApps to access real-time credit and reputation across various blockchains.

source: litentry.com

2. Velodrome Finance joins Build on Bob for Bitcoin DeFi innovation

Exciting news as Velodrome Finance becomes the latest addition to the Build on Bob ecosystem, bringing its high-volume DeFi platform to the forefront. With Velodrome’s MetaDEX technology and Build on Bob’s Bitcoin Layer 2 compatibility, this collaboration marks a significant step towards expanding Bitcoin DeFi into a thriving ecosystem. Together, they aim to amplify Bitcoin liquidity and propel DeFi transactions to unprecedented levels, fostering innovation and growth.

3. Ethereum IBC launches on Mantis: Bridging Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polkadot thanks to Picasso

Mantis proudly unveils the Ethereum Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, forging connections between Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polkadot, with Solana integration on the horizon.

This transformative milestone promises a future of seamless DeFi interaction, with a phase one beta enabling asset transfers and a phase two poised to enhance connectivity further. The launch marks a crucial leap towards universal interoperability and fosters new possibilities in the DeFi landscape, thanks to Picasso.

4. Nova Wallet introduces Push Notifications for Polkadot wallets

Nova Wallet rolls out an exciting update featuring Push Notifications for Polkadot wallets. Now, users can receive alerts about received tokens, staking rewards, governance activities, and more, keeping them informed and engaged with their assets on the Polkadot ecosystem.

5. dTelecom Joins peaqosystem: Revolutionizing live streaming on Web3

dTelecom, a DePIN for real-time chats and video streaming, migrates from Arbitrum to join the peaqosystem. With a potential market reach in the trillions, dTelecom’s integration brings decentralized live streaming to peaq, empowering users with community-operated nodes.

This move enhances network activity, signaling increased value for all stakeholders within the peaqosystem. Get ready for a transformative shift in the live streaming landscape with dTelecom on peaq.

6. Enter the Moonsama NFT metaverse: Wildsama lions roar to life

Experience the thrilling evolution of Wildsama Lion NFTs as they unveil their majestic adult forms, infused with real-life data from the Kenya Wildlife Trust.

In the Moonsama Metaverse, witness the remarkable transformation of cub NFTs into powerful lions, reflecting their true essence and supporting wildlife conservation efforts. Join the adventure and explore the positive socio-ecological impact of gaming and NFTs!

7. Enjin welcomes Talisman Wallet to the ecosystem

Talisman, the renowned wallet supporting both Polkadot and Ethereum, is now part of the Enjin Ecosystem, bringing exciting features like in-app governance and upcoming staking launches.

Enjoy seamless multi-chain support, one-click multi-staking, and an all-in-one web dashboard, reaffirming Enjin’s commitment to pioneering the Web3 industry. Welcome Talisman and its 80,000 users to the Enjin family, with more exciting partner announcements on the horizon.

8. Phala Network and FLock.io join forces in decentralized AI revolution

Exciting developments in Decentralized AI as Phala Network and FLock.io collaborate to reshape the landscape. Combining Phala’s TEE-based worker nodes with FLock’s model training platform promises enhanced AI accessibility and performance while safeguarding privacy.

This partnership heralds new standards in AI, leveraging FLock’s model training expertise and Phala’s confidential computing to deliver performative, privacy-preserving AI solutions.

9. Razor Network joins Moonbeam, ushering in decentralized oracle solutions

Exciting news for developers as Razor Network, a decentralized and permissionless Oracle solution, goes live on Moonbeam Network. This integration empowers developers to leverage trustless, real-world price feeds, enhancing the functionality and decentralization of their dApps.

With the introduction of Razor Network’s Bridge V2, a pull-based architecture streamlines data retrieval, ensuring efficient and secure updates across multiple blockchains.

10. Moonbeam Network Presents: APRIL IS PINK Lunar Gaming Festival

Join the excitement this April with Moonbeam’s Lunar Gaming Festival, featuring “APRIL IS PINK 🎀” — an event filled with gaming adventures and PINK rewards.

Stake, claim, and play games to earn points and unlock exclusive rewards, including the APRIL IS PINK POAP NFT. Don’t miss out on the quest-driven fun starting April 1st, brought to you by Moonbeam & Moonriver ecosystem collaborators.

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