Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #122

1. Hyperbridge won 65th parachain auction on Polkadot

Hyperbridge has won the 65th parachain auction on Polkadot by using crowdloan. Finally, 543 participants locked 273k DOT worth 2,5M USD.

Hyperbridge, utilizing Polkadot’s consensus layer and BEEFY, aggregates cross-chain messages into a single zk consensus and state proof, providing unparalleled security and scalability in interoperability.

2. PINK token airdrop launches on Moonbeam with gas fee coverage

Exciting news for memecoin lovers on Polkadot as the PINK token airdrop kicks off on Moonbeam, denoted as xcPINK, accompanied by a bonus allocation of GLMR to offset gas fees. This airdrop allocation was for those who played the initial DOT is PINK game.

The token is now tradable on Beamswap.io and StellaSwap in the xcDOT/xcPINK pair, so you can also add a liquidity into the pair and earn LP rewards. 🎀

3. DED airdrop commences: 36 DED for every DOT held

DOT holders start receiving also the DED airdrop, with each DOT owner set to receive 36 DED tokens over the coming days. However, please note that DED tokens will be initially frozen until exchange listings are confirmed to ensure optimal user experience.

However, only 5% of the total DED supply was allocated to DOT holders in the first batch of the airdrop, due to various reasons. Despite the controversy, the memecoin’s Telegram channel has quickly attracted over 20,000 airdrop hunters in a matter of days.

4. Centrifuge unveils on-chain fund management platform for asset managers

Centrifuge, a leading platform for on-chain finance, has announced the launch of its fund management platform, facilitating the integration of credit funds into public blockchains. The platform offers a comprehensive solution to capture and manage a fund’s portfolio positions, transactions, and operations data in a secure, immutable, and transparent manner.

With strong initial adoption, including partnerships with Anemoy and Trident Trust, Centrifuge aims to streamline fund operations, automate reporting, and enhance transparency for institutional investors navigating the crypto space.

5. Unique Network’s Forever Has Fallen metaverse redefines story-driven gaming experience

Debuting into the digital realm, Forever Has Fallen by Unique Network presents a captivating story-driven metaverse. Players are thrust into the intriguing narrative surrounding the downfall of Forever Social’s Swedish tycoon, Karl-Axel Mattiasson, tasked with unraveling mysteries as Bounty Hunters.

Through blockchain technology, the game introduces Bounty Hunter Tickets (BHTs), offering diverse digital experiences and revolutionizing the NFT ticketing system.

6. Moondance Labs raises $6 million to boost Tanssi protocol development

Moondance Labs, the team behind the Tanssi appchain infrastructure protocol, has secured $6 million in a strategic funding round led by venture capital firms SNZ Capital, KR1, and Scytale Digital. The funds will be utilized to expand the team and accelerate the development of the Tanssi protocol, aimed at simplifying and expediting appchain deployments.

Additionally, an incentivized testnet campaign is on the horizon, offering rewards to active participants across various tracks within the Tanssi ecosystem.

7. Anduro and BOB collaborate to launch ALYS: A Bitcoin sidechain for institutional adoption

Anduro by Marathon Digital Holdings, in collaboration with BOB (Build on Bitcoin), is set to introduce ALYS, a new Bitcoin sidechain aimed at meeting institutional demand and expanding Bitcoin’s use cases.

ALYS, a permissionless chain, integrates Ethereum Virtual Machine support while leveraging Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work security through OptiMine. With industry-leading infrastructure and initial use cases including asset tokenization and decentralized infrastructure, ALYS aims to become a pivotal player in fostering institutional adoption of Bitcoin.

8. Dune partners with Colorful Notion to bring Polkadot, Kusama and parachains data accessibility

Dune, in collaboration with Colorful Notion, announces a groundbreaking partnership to integrate Polkadot ecosystem data into the Dune platform. Users can now access Polkadot and Kusama relay chain data, along with six selected parachains, providing unprecedented insights into on-chain activity.

With deep integration and comprehensive dashboards, Dune aims to make crypto data more accessible and transparent, fostering greater understanding and engagement within the Polkadot community.

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