Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #121

1. Gavin Wood described JAM from A to Z at sub0 Asia 2024

Gavin Wood, the chief architect of Parity Technologies and founder of Polkadot, was the star speaker at the sub0 Asia 2024 two-day developer conference, which was held between the 12th and 13th of March in Bangkok, Thailand.

Gavin's speech was dedicated to JAM (JOINED-ACCUMULATE MACHINE) in CoreJAM (Collect-Refine-Join-Accumulate model). It focuses on default XCMP integration for seamless communication, agile coretime upgrades and full parachain compatibility at the same time. JAM is one of the potential candidates to replace the current Relay Chain.

Gavin Wood at sub0

Alongside Gavin Wood, there were also other popular speakers. Shawn Tabrizi, a member of Polkadot Fellowship, had 2 inspiring talks at sub0, the first one about transaction spammer for benchmarking and throughput and the other about contributing to the Polkadot SDK.

Shawn Tabrizi at sub0

Jeff Burdges from Web3 Foundation dedicated his speech to Zero-knowledge on Polkadot.

Leemo from Novasama Technologies announced the release of Telenova, the first-ever Polkadot self-custodial wallet built into Telegram. With Telenova, you will be able to send crypto to anyone in Telegram within a few seconds. Not only that, but also buy, sell, or swap tokens within your device.

2. Mandala Chain won the 64th parachain auction on Polkadot

Mandala Chain has won the 64th parachain auction on Polkadot, when they raised 124k DOT worth 1,2M USD from 351 participants of the crowdloan. Mandala Chain is going to bring Indonesia, the 4th largest population globally, to the Web3 world.

3. DED airdrop snapshot completed

The DED memecoin snapshot has been taken at Polkadot block 19,952,000, making anyone holding or staking DOT eligible for the DED airdrop.

The DED Foundation acted swiftly in response to market and community demand, ensuring the snapshot was taken promptly. Each DOT held or staked equals 1,000 DED tokens. Stay tuned for updates on the airdrop distribution and further developments from the DED Foundation.

1 DOT = 1,000 DED

4. Acurast teams up with peaq to revolutionize cloud computing for DePINs

Acurast, the innovative DePIN platform, joins forces with peaq, a blockchain for real-world applications, to decentralize cloud computing.

By integrating with peaq, Acurast aims to deploy its data oracle, offer off-chain computing layers to peaq-native DePINs, and utilize peaq IDs for device integration. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards democratizing cloud services and fostering decentralized solutions for the future of computing.

5. Bifrost introduces LoopStake: leverage staking made simple for Polkadot & Kusama

Bifrost introduces LoopStake, the simplest Leverage Staking product for Polkadot & Kusama LST assets!

Wondering how it works? Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the LoopStake in Bifrost app http://bifrost.app/vstaking/vDOT?tab=loopstake
  2. Choose how many DOT / KSM you want to contribute
  3. Pick up to 4x leverage for your Loop
  4. Watch the tutorial on how LoopStake works down below and join the Loop ♾

6. Bifrost and Velocity partner to supercharge Liquid staking

Bifrost and Velocity Labs have teamed up to lead the liquid staking market. With Bifrost’s cross-chain services and Velocity’s DeFi expertise, they aim to expand opportunities for people who want to stake tokens such as DOT or ET.

Together, they envision Bifrost becoming the primary provider for Liquid Staking Tokens, offering safe access to staked liquidity in DeFi.

7. Acala NFTs heading to Unique Marketplace

Acala NFTs are making their way to the Unique marketplace (http://unqnft.io). This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both Acala and Unique, expanding NFT use cases through our Cross-Chain NFTs initiative.

Here are some examples of Acala NFTs

8. Polkadot joins Unity’s verified solutions program

Exciting news for the Web3 gaming community! A collaboration between Parity and Unity games will integrate Polkadot into Unity’s verified solutions program.

The Verified Polkadot SDK for Unity merges Unity’s powerful tools with Polkadot’s blockchain tech, opening new possibilities for game development. This initiative enhances Polkadot’s visibility in the gaming space and offers opportunities for marketing and promotion within the Unity asset store.

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