Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #120

1. Gavin Wood as a keynote speaker at sub0 Asia 2024: Polkadot lights up Bangkok with two-day developer conference

Gavin Wood, the chief architect of Parity Technologies and founder of Polkadot, will deliver the keynote address at sub0 Asia 2024. This two-day developer conference, kicking off March 12th in Bangkok, promises to ignite the Polkadot ecosystem in Asia.

Attendees can expect deep dives into the future of Web3, exploration of cutting-edge projects such as HydraDX, OriginTrail, KILT protocol etc, and valuable networking opportunities with fellow enthusiasts.

Alongside Gavin Wood, industry OGs like Shawn Tabrizi and Jeff Burdges will participate in the event, fostering collaboration and exploration within the interoperable blockchain space.

Mark your calendars and be part of sub0 Asia 2024 — an event that promises to be a pivotal moment for the Polkadot community in Asia. Checkout the agenda of Builder sections.

source: Polkadot Insider
source: Polkadot Insider
source: Polkadot Insider
source: Polkadot Insider

2. Bajun Network won the 132nd parachain auction on Kusama

Bajun Network has won the 132nd parachain auction on Kusama by using self-funds, concretely 25 KSM worth $1347k. Bajun Network is already a winner of auctions no. 37 and no. 79.

This was one of the last parachain auctions on Kusama ever, because with the next runtime upgrade, Kusama will move into the agile coretime model, where there will be no leases, but the coretime will be purchased by the parachain teams directly.

3. Grayscale launches crypto staking fund with DOT and more

Grayscale’s Dynamic Income Fund (GDIF) launches new fund that includes prominent cryptocurrencies like Polkadot (DOT), Solana (SOL), Cosmos (ATOM), Aptos (APT), Celestia (TIA), Coinbase Staked Ethereum (CBETH), Near (NEAR), Osmosis (OSMO) and SEI Network (SEI). Grayscale offers investors exposure to multi-asset staking to those assets.

The fund aims to distribute rewards in USD quarterly. CEO Michael Sonnenshein views GDIF as a significant addition to their product suite, providing a convenient way for investors to participate in staking through a single investment vehicle.

4. Astar zkEVM went live, connecting with Polygon's Agglayer

Astar Network achieves a significant milestone by launching its zk-rollup on Ethereum, seamlessly connecting with Polygon’s Agglayer. This integration marks a pivotal moment in blockchain adoption, fostering cross-chain interoperability between Polygon, Ethereum, and Astar.

With projects like Deloitte and Japan Airlines leveraging Astar’s technology for NFT initiatives, the ecosystem is poised for rapid growth.

5. Unique NFTs soar as DED MINES game launches

The release of the DED MINES game on the Unique Network has sparked a surge in unique NFT popularity, with over 191k Nested NFTs minted, 6k+ holders, and 108k+ NFT transfers recorded.

The collection’s rapid expansion underscores its growing appeal, with numbers continuing to climb. Explore the remarkable results below and witness the thriving ecosystem of unique NFTs on the Unique Network.

6. InvArch Network doubles VARCH airdrop to 40M

In a surprising move, the InvArch Network boosts its VARCH airdrop from 20M to a whopping 40M tokens across the Polkadot ecosystem.

Divided into two tracks, participants can earn rewards by

  • staking DOT on Relay Chain,
  • utilizing DOT liquid staking tokens (LSTs) from Bifrost, Acala, Parallel or StellaSwap on various dApps.

7. Subsocial unifies PolkaVerse and Grill Chat into GrillApp

Subsocial Chain achieves a milestone by consolidating PolkaVerse and Grill Chat into GrillApp, the first iteration of Subsocial’s super-app. This integration streamlines the user experience and enhances accessibility.

Dive deeper into the details of this transformative move at https://grillapp.net.

Join our space in GrillApp https://grillapp.net/10533

8. Join Acala’s Ambassador Program: Shape the future of DeFi on Polkadot and earn exclusive rewards at the same time

Acala introduces a lucrative opportunity with its Ambassador Program, inviting passionate individuals from all walks of life to join. Ambassadors will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Acala and Web3 finance, engaging in tasks like content creation, community management, and event organization.

In return, they stand to earn exclusive rewards worth $3,000 monthly in ACA tokens. Join the movement and contribute to the decentralized growth of the Acala community!

How? Join Acala Discord and go to the section ACALA AMBASSADORSjoin-us.

  • Support Polkadotters Shrimp and Polkadotters Octopus validators on Polkadot and be a part of a more secure Web3 future
  • Enhance Polkadot’s governance process by delegating your DOT or KSM to POLKADOTTERS, dedicated community supporters within the Polkadot ecosystem, enabling seamless participation in on-chain governance through Nova wallet or Polkadot Delegation Dashboard



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