Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #117

1. NeuroWeb.AI won the 62nd parachain auction on Polkadot

NeuroWeb.AI has won the 62nd parachain auction on Polkadot with the use of crowdloan. 289 contributors locked 250k DOT worth $1,95M. NeuroWeb.AI is already a winner of auction no. 17, but that one was under name OriginTrail Parachain. The rebrand happened in December 2023 by the decision of the on-chain governance.

NeuroWebAI parachain, driving decentralized AI and enhancing Polkadot’s real-world utility. Formerly known as the OriginTrail Parachain, NeuroWebAI has emerged as one of the fastest-growing parachains, currently ranked #2 for transaction volume among all parachains according to MessariCrypto.

The release of the Knowledge Mining BETA on http://NeuroWeb.ai and PolkabotAI has demonstrated its practicality by supporting the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph, a leading Web3 project known for its rapid adoption in the real world.

2. Quartz won the 129th parachain auction on Kusama

Quartz has won the 129th parachain auction on Kusama with its funds, 150 KSM worth $7.1k. Quartz is already a winner of the auctions no. 14, 53 and 80.

Quartz, the canary network of Unique Network, provides a user-friendly platform enabling easy access to a wide array of essential and advanced NFT tools, fostering innovation, democratization, and exploration within the NFT ecosystem with low entry barriers.

3. dApp Staking v3 is now LIVE on Astar Network

Astar Network has rolled out dApp Staking v3, heralding a new era of engagement and rewards for users and developers alike.

Astar’s commitment to fostering a user-governed internet is underscored by the pivotal role of dApp Staking in realizing the Web3 vision. With enhanced scalability, capped rewards, and increased engagement for stakers, dApp Staking v3 promises a more inclusive and vibrant ecosystem.

For all of you who used dApp staking on Astar before, your tokens are unstaked but locked. What does this mean? You need to stake them again on your favorite dApps ASAP and keep earning rewards.

4. Astar Network collaborates with Rarible: Pioneering NFTs on zkEVM Testnet

Astar Network has ignited a groundbreaking partnership with Rarible, marking a significant milestone in the NFT landscape. The debut NFT, “Midnight in Tokyo,” symbolizes the inaugural minting on Astar’s zkEVM testnet, heralding a new era of innovation and accessibility.

As Astar sets its sights on mainnet integration and Rarible’s expansion into Japan, the collaboration promises to propel zkEVM technology onto the global stage.

Midnight in Tokyo NFT

5. HydraDX & Bifrost boost HDX and BNC rewards on vDOT farming positions in the Omnipool, offering 2x multiplier

HydraDX, the innovative decentralized exchange protocol, has ramped up the excitement for liquidity providers by doubling the HDX rewards on vDOT farming positions. With the multiplier now at 2x, participants can expect a widened reward range of 5–10%, up from the previous 2.5–5%. And the Bifrost team doubled the BNC rewards too.

This strategic move aims to incentivize additional vDOT liquidity, ensuring sustained rewards amid the current 20% farm occupancy. To seize these rewards, users simply need to cross-chain their vDOT from Bifrost to HydraDX’s parachain, add liquidity via the dApp to Omnipool, and join the farm.

HydraDX Omnipool, vDOT farming

6. Gaming on Polkadot is not dead: Introducing DED GAMES with the first game DED MINE with Unique Network NFTs following your in-game success

Dive into the vibrant world of DED Games, the latest addition to the Polkadot ecosystem. Headlined by DED MINE, the pioneering DOT-related game, DED offers more than just a brick-breaking adventure, you can claim the DedBird NFTs by Unique Network following your success in the game.

Positioned as a gateway to interactive experiences, DED invites gamers to join a thriving community across Discord, Twitter, and Telegram. With a roadmap teeming with possibilities, from play-to-earn economies to NFT-powered assets, DED Games is poised to revolutionize gaming. Explore the future of gaming at ded.games.

7. Decentered Studio joins W3F’s Decentralized Futures program to elevate Polkadot events

Web3 Foundation Team recently announced Decentred Studio as the latest grantee of the Decentralized Futures program. With expertise in organizing diverse events, from developer conferences to music festivals, the Berlin-based team is set to revolutionize Polkadot gatherings.

Their focus on upcoming events like Polkadot sub0 in Bangkok and Polkadot Decoded 2024 in Brussels promises immersive experiences and enhanced community engagement.

8. Unique Network unveils $250k NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund to spur NFT innovation

Unique Network, a pioneering NFT-centric blockchain on Substrate, announces the launch of its NFTs 2.0 CodeCraft Grant Fund, aiming to inspire developers worldwide. Participants are invited to explore advanced NFT solutions, backed by a substantial $250,000 prize pool. The grant fosters the creation of customizable, utility-driven NFT applications, with winners gaining insights into cutting-edge NFT types. Recent recipients include DED GAMES and MusicMoon, leveraging blockchain to revolutionize gaming and empower artists. Visit unique.network for details and submissions.

9. Wayru partners with peaq to bridge the digital divide in LATAM and the USA

Wayru’s collaboration with peaq aims to decentralize internet access, particularly targeting underserved communities in LATAM and the USA. By integrating with peaq, Wayru plans to expand its reach, enabling more people to share internet connections and earn rewards in its WRU token. This partnership signals a significant step towards closing the digital gap and fostering community-driven connectivity.

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