Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #115

1. Bifrost has won the 61st parachain auction on Polkadot

Bifrost has won the 61st parachain auction on Polkadot with the use of crowdloan, securing 34 422 DOT worth $233k. Bifrost is already a winner of auction no. 18.

Bifrost is a cross-chain liquid staking platform that allows users to stake their PoS tokens (such as DOT, KSM, GLMR, MANTA, etc.) and receive vTokens in return. vTokens such are vDOT or vMANTA are derivative assets that represent the staked tokens and their rewards, and can be used for various purposes such as lending, trading, or even governance.

2. Kabocha won the 126th parachain auction on Kusama

Kabocha has won the 126th parachain auction on Kusama with its funds, 0,01 KSM worth $0.39! Yes, that cheap can be a parachain slot on Kusama!

3. USDC transfer enabled on Binance via Polkadot Asset Hub

Exciting news for Polkadot & Binance users! You can now transfer USDC via the Polkadot Asset Hub on Binance, offering the most cost-effective solution with a minimal fee of 0.001 USDC.

Enjoy seamless transactions and savings on your transfers. Explore the benefits now!

4. Signet launches Private Beta for revolutionary multisig enterprise workflow solution from Talisman

Signet, the breakthrough in Multisig solutions and business workflow management from Talisman, enters its Private Beta phase. Collaborating with industry leaders like Aleph Zero, Parity Technologies, Polkadot Blockchain Academy, OnFinality, and Avail, Signet promises to transform on-chain business procedures, offering an unparalleled user experience and robust financial management.

The integration with Talisman Wallet and WalletConnect enhances its appeal, making it a potential game-changer for the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond.

5. OriginTrail enhances knowledge sharing with PolkaBot: AI-powered education for Polkadot ecosystem

Experience decentralized knowledge-sharing like never before with PolkaBot.AI, now powered by OriginTrail and NeuroWebAI. Explore http://PolkaBot.ai for precise answers, leveraging the latest feature introduced by OriginTrail.


6. InvArch Network launches DAO staking: The future unveiled

InvArch Network initiates DAO Staking, providing individuals the opportunity to stake $VARCH, earn rewards, support new DAOs, and vie for a portion of the substantial 15,000,000 $VARCH airdrop.

The 4-week campaign spans both the InvArch Tinkernet on Kusama and the InvArch Network on Polkadot, offering users varied ways to accumulate points and receive rewards. The future of decentralized autonomous organizations and asset management is here. Explore more at portal.invarch.network.

7. PolkaVerse Package Contest winners revealed and rewarded

The PolkaVerse Package Contest was a resounding success, attracting numerous submissions. Three outstanding contributors not only met all requirements but also delivered highly valuable posts and comments. Each winner has earned a well-deserved reward of 2,500 SUB.

Congratulations to these talented creators for their exceptional contributions! The rewards have been distributed via Grill chat.

Polkadotters are also part of SubSocial. Follow us here and join The Creator Economy! https://polkaverse.com/10533

8. Subsocial unveils Content Staking for active users

Subsocial, the decentralized social network, introduces an upgraded staking system to bolster user engagement. The new Content Staking merges Lazy & Active Staking, promising 50% more rewards for activity. With a minimum lock-in requirement of 2,000 SUB, users enjoy seamless participation and increased rewards.

9. Polkadot’s decentralization journey: Insights from Forbes

Forbes featured Polkadot, the brainchild of Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, acknowledging its ascent since the 2020 launch. Despite recent performance challenges, Polkadot’s strategic shift towards decentralization is drawing attention.

Giotto De Filippi, a Polkadot activist, underscores the impact: “Parity is absolutely amazing when it comes to its core function — engineering — but there was an opportunity to improve in many other areas. Decentralizing the functions outside of engineering to the community and allowing OpenGov to take charge has been an incredibly powerful catalyst for change and success. The community took charge in a permissionless way, and that change happened very quickly. We went from basically zero marketing a few months ago to having just hired some of the best influencers — all in a completely transparent and decentralized way — thanks to OpenGov.”

10. Zeitgeist launches Super Bowl Trading Campaign

Gear up for an electrifying NFL Super Bowl-themed trading extravaganza as Zeitgeist PM unveils its latest initiative, the Super Bowl Trading Campaign! Dive into the excitement and discover more about this epic event by visiting the official campaign link. Join the Zeitgeist community in celebrating the spirit of the Super Bowl while exploring unique trading opportunities.

11. Velocity Labs partners with KuCoin to enhance Polkadot ecosystem

Velocity Labs celebrates its inaugural contribution to the Polkadot ecosystem through a strategic collaboration with KuCoin exchange. The integration of Polkadot AssetHub with USDT support on KuCoin marks a significant milestone, making it the third centralized exchange (CEX) to embrace AssetHub.

This partnership underscores Velocity Labs’ commitment to fostering market infrastructure within the Polkadot network, ensuring seamless access to essential services like CEXs, On/Off Ramps, Bridges, and Custody solutions from inception.

With a vision for a unified infrastructure supporting dApps and parachains, Velocity Labs anticipates further advancements in reducing barriers to entry and facilitating a robust token economy across the Polkadot ecosystem.

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