Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #114

1. Darwinia Network has won the 60th parachain auction on Polkadot

Darwinia Network has won the 60th parachain auction on Polkadot with its funds, 32.5k DOT worth $214k.

Darwinia Network is a programmable cross-chain messaging infrastructure for decentralized applications. Darwinia is already a winner of auction no. 21.

2. Sora Kusama has won the 125th parachain auction on Kusama

Sora Kusama has won the 125th parachain auction on Kusama with its funds, 11 KSM worth $422. Yes, that cheap can be a parachain slot on Kusama. Or maybe even cheaper, this time, Kabocha is at this moment winning the auction no. 126 with just 0,01 KSM worth 0,38 USD.

Sora uses this parachain slot as an easy way to bridge tokens with Kusama via XCM. Not a bad idea at all for this price.

SORA, a decentralized economic system on the Polkadot ecosystem, redefines central banking. Linked to Kusama and parachains, it offers DeFi-focused tools like atomic swaps, token bridging, and programmable rules for digital assets, empowering decentralized applications in the network.

3. Manta Pacific is 3rd largest L2 by TVL surpassing $1.5 billion

Exciting news as Manta Pacific achieves a significant milestone, surpassing a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1.5 billion. This achievement cements its position as the 3rd largest Layer 2 (L2) protocol by TVL.

4. Bifrost launches vMANTA LST

Bifrost proudly presents Liquid Staking for Manta Network. Dive into the future of staking with vMANTA on Manta Atlantic.

Now, users can easily liquid-stake their MANTA (min. 1 MANTA), reducing the entry barrier to staking without participating as an active collator.

Visit http://bifrost.app/vstaking/vMANTA and click “Cross-in” next to your MANTA balance to access the cross-chain menu.

5. Swap DOT for KSM on Polkaswap is now live

Embark on a groundbreaking journey with the SORA community as Polkaswap achieves a historic milestone by enabling to swap DOT for KSM directly. Polkaswap uses the SORA network to provide cross-chain interoperability and liquidity.

6. MeWe nominated for SXSW Innovation Awards in “Social Media” category

MeWe, the privacy-focused social network, emerges as a finalist in the SXSW Innovation Awards under the “Social Media” category. Recognizing forward-thinking concepts, SXSW celebrates over 50 finalists spanning various sectors, offering a glimpse into the future. Winners will be unveiled at the 25th annual SXSW Innovation Awards Ceremony on March 11.

7. Mythical Games tops BlockchainGamer.biz list as the #1 gaming company for 2024

Mythical Games clinches the top spot in BlockchainGamer.biz ’s prestigious ranking of gaming companies for 2024. Renowned for its blockchain integration in gaming, Mythical stands out by prioritizing engaging experiences over blockchain jargon.

With a focus on digital asset ownership as the future of gaming, Mythical navigates challenges by transitioning to Polkadot’s Mythos Chain. The launch of NFL Rivals on mobile, with plans for in-app NFT trading, cements Mythical’s position as an industry leader driving innovation and mass adoption.

8. Code4rena and Polkadot Assurance Legion collaborate for Rust audits

Code4rena ventures into the Polkadot ecosystem in a significant partnership with Polkadot Assurance Legion (PAL). Over the next month, three Rust audits are set to launch, covering projects like HydraDX, Phala, and Acala, with a combined reward pool exceeding $270,000.

This collaboration aims to enhance security accessibility and comprehensiveness within the Polkadot ecosystem, promoting a safer environment for developers and builders. Audits play a crucial role in identifying vulnerabilities before deployment, ensuring a robust and secure network.

9. DanceboxSnaps launch: Swift and effortless appchain deployment

Exciting news from Tanssi Network as DanceboxSnaps goes live. The platform experiences a surge in appchain registrations, offering rapid and user-friendly deployment.

With DanceboxSnaps, users can create appchains within minutes — ideal for quick testing and experimentation. These Snap Appchains come with a convenient 48-hour expiry, making them perfect for short-term projects.

10. Centrifuge hits a new milestone: $500M in Real-World Assets financed

Centrifuge achieved a groundbreaking milestone, surpassing $500 million in real-world assets financed. From real estate to US treasuries, trade finance, carbon credits, and beyond, Centrifuge continues to redefine decentralized finance. The journey to $1 billion begins.

11. peaq network integrates with Wormhole: Unlocking liquidity across 30+ blockchains

peaq network seamlessly integrates with Wormhole, expanding liquidity access to 30+ blockchains. DePINs on peaq, the backbone of Machine DeFi, now reach ecosystems like Ethereum, Aptos, Base, Solana, Polygon , and more. Bridging tokens and fostering real-world adoption just got easier.

Check out our latest article about peaq network.

12. Polkadotters will host Phyken Network in the next Twitter Spaces AMA

In our next Twitter Spaces AMA, we will host Abhishek Chatterjee from Phyken Network. We’ll dive deep into Green Real World Assets, fractalization of real-world assets and why Phyken Network chose Polkadot.

When? February 1st, 2024

What time? 4pm CET

Where? https://x.com/i/spaces/1OdJrjmNynYJX

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