Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #107

1. Scytale Digital and Mythical Games unveil Scytale Academy: A tailored 10-week blockchain gaming startup program

Scytale Digital and Mythical Games launched the Scytale Academy, a 10-week mentorship program designed for early-stage projects in the blockchain gaming sector. Open for applications until February 4, 2024, the program offers in-depth knowledge building, potential investment, and white-gloved mentorship, and concludes with an in-person showcase day in Lugano, Switzerland.

The Academy distinguishes itself by providing tailored support to each participating team’s individual needs. The fully remote program is entirely free, and eligible projects may receive discretionary investment from Scytale upon completion. Apply here.

“Blockchain has the potential to improve the way games are developed, distributed and played. We’re excited to work with Mythical on bringing this vision to reality. Mentoring promising web3 gaming projects through this program is a step in the right direction.” stated Mark Cachia, CIO at Scytale Digital

2. Unique Network launches Polkadot NFT Collective — revolutionizing NFT adoption on Polkadot

Unique Network announces the introduction of the Polkadot NFT Collective, aiming to address the challenge of low NFT adoption within the Polkadot ecosystem. The collective’s goal is to unite all parachains, shifting from fragmentation to a collaborative front that enhances the ecosystem’s collective ability to attract attention and drive adoption for NFTs. Members will focus on governance, technical efforts, business development, and marketing. Community feedback is crucial to shaping the collective’s future. Read the full plan here.

3. Polkadot Assurance Legion starts accepting applications today

The Polkadot Assurance Legion (PAL) enhances the security of the Polkadot ecosystem by providing audit cost coverage for selected parachains. PAL begins accepting applications since December 4th, enabling any Polkadot parachain producing blocks to apply for partial audit refunds.

This initiative approved through a previous OpenGov proposal, aims to contribute to overall ecosystem security and establish a pool of top-tier auditing firms specialized in Rust, making audits more accessible and Substrate more appealing to new builders. PAL, comprising various parachain teams, is dedicated to strengthening Polkadot’s security infrastructure.

PAL will cover up to 80% of your audit costs with a cap at 18,000 DOT. PAL already onboarded so far 8 auditors and 2 crowdsourced audit platforms.v Process, eligibility criteria and more can be found here.

4. HydraDX prepares for seamless MetaMask trading by integrating EVM

HydraDX is set to revolutionize trading experiences by introducing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. Users can soon trade via their 0x addresses and MetaMask, with Ledger support for enhanced security.

The testnet is now live at https://metatest-app.hydradx.io, inviting users to explore the platform. HydraDX encourages participation in testing, offering WETH via the #testnet-faucet in their Discord. The initiative aims to refine the user interface and integrate various wallet options, welcoming feedback for continuous improvement.

5. Enjin blockchain welcomes 200 million NFTs and tokens in massive migration from Ethereum and JumpNet

Enjin Blockchain is set to host a monumental migration, welcoming 200 million NFTs and tokens from Ethereum and JumpNet on December 8th, 2023. With network-wide fuel tanks already live, facilitating three months of fee-free trades for migrated tokens, Enjin emphasizes its readiness for adoption.

Users can anticipate migrating Enjin Coins on JumpNet (JENJ) back to Ethereum wallets in April 2024, marking the final stage of transitioning away from Ethereum-related services. Enjin Blockchain promises a cost-effective alternative with transaction fees of a fraction of a penny, further enhanced by the innovative Enjin Fuel Tanks. These pre-loaded token pools ensure smooth and affordable transactions, offering users complete customization of their blockchain experience.

6. Velocity Labs emerges: OG participants from Polkadot ecosystem forge a new era in Web3 Development

Velocity Labs, a collaborative initiative by former Parity team members and parachain founders, is set to enhance Polkadot’s DeFi ecosystem. Addressing challenges in composability and accessibility, Velocity Labs aims to productize the Polkadot stack and build the necessary infrastructure.

Focused on tooling, APIs, and UX improvements, they plan to develop applications unlocking the full potential of system parachains. With an experienced team and strategic approach, Velocity Labs aims to usher in the next generation of Polkadot applications, fostering a thriving and accessible DeFi ecosystem.

7. Subsocial’s SUB tokens are now transferable, trading live on HydraDX Omnipool

Following the successful launch of Subsocial’s Creator Staking system, SUB tokens are now transferable and trading on HydraDX.

Web3 enthusiasts can acquire SUB tokens through HydraDX Omnipool, marking a significant milestone for the Subsocial ecosystem. The HydraDX trade router facilitates seamless swaps between SUB and other assets, fostering a dynamic and interconnected Web3 landscape. Explore the possibilities at HydraDX Swap.

8. Web3 Foundation ventures into Real-World Assets with a $1M investment in Centrifuge’s tokenized US treasuries

Web3 Foundation, known for its role in advancing Polkadot, is set to invest $1M from its treasury into real-world assets (RWAs) on Centrifuge. In collaboration with Anemoy, the first-ever RWA pool on Centrifuge Chain, this strategic move exemplifies Web3 Foundation’s commitment to fostering innovation in the decentralized finance sector. The investment focuses on tokenized US Treasury Bills, providing on-chain investors with access to low-risk returns through Centrifuge’s cutting-edge infrastructure.

9. Moonbeam powers Web3 loyalty program for Grupo RÃO through DUX smart wallet

Moonbeam, the leading multi-chain application hub on Polkadot, partners with DUX to launch a Web3 loyalty program for Grupo RÃO. The collaboration leverages Moonbeam’s blockchain technology to bring rewards such as discounts, products, vouchers, and contests to Grupo RÃO’s food delivery service.

DUX, built on Moonbeam, provides an EVM-compatible wallet with features like multichain support and token airdrops, contributing to the advancement of Web3 adoption in Brazil. The partnership plans to expand the loyalty program with additional incentives and gamification models.

10. Parallel Finance introduces Parallel Points

Parallel Finance introduces Parallel Points, a novel reward system reflecting users’ activity in the Parallel ecosystem. Originating from the merger with ParaSpace, Parallel Finance has emerged as a DeFi Super App, combining lending, staking, trading, and more. Historical and new points, earned through various activities, empower users. The ongoing evolution promises additional ways to earn points, fostering community engagement and contributing to the decentralized future of Parallel Finance.

11. Avail & Succinct Labs forge a two-way bridge, uniting Ethereum rollups and Avail’s sovereign rollups

In a collaborative effort with Succinct Labs, Avail Project achieves a significant milestone in the blockchain space. The integration of Vector X and Telepathy results in a robust bidirectional bridge connecting Avail to Ethereum. This groundbreaking connection empowers Ethereum rollups to leverage Avail for data availability while enabling sovereign rollups on Avail to access Ethereum assets. The bridge has already been deployed on Avail’s Goldberg testnet to Ethereum’s Goerli testnet, showcasing its potential for broader ecosystem integration.

12. Sora Network powers groundbreaking CBDC Proof-of-Concept with Central Bank of Solomon Islands — Bokolo Cash

Sora Network achieves a milestone by powering the first Substrate/Polkadot-based CBDC proof-of-concept, Bokolo Cash, with the Central Bank of Solomon Islands. Operating on Hyperledger Iroha 2 and SORA, the PoC supports retail purchases, domestic/international payments, and aims to enhance security, global reach, and interoperability.

Fearless Wallet facilitates cross-border transactions, highlighting the potential for public blockchains in revolutionizing CBDC adoption globally. The collaboration sets a precedent for CBDCs on public blockchains, fostering financial inclusion and seamless global financial transactions.

13. SubQuery empowers developers with enhanced Managed Service: 20% Cost reduction and vCPU compute controls unleashed

SubQuery, a pioneering blockchain data indexer, unveils major enhancements to its Managed Service, ushering in a more competitive and robust user experience. Users now enjoy a remarkable 20% reduction in base costs alongside the introduction of dynamic vCPU compute controls. This fine-tuned control allows customers to scale compute resources in real-time, optimizing performance and cost efficiency during different project phases.

SubQuery’s commitment to delivering exceptional value is further exemplified by the reduced base deployment hour cost for Standard Plans. Explore these game-changing updates on SubQuery’s Pricing Page after December 1st.

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