Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #106


1. Logion has won the 55th parachain auction on Polkadot

Logion has won the 55th parachain auction on Polkadot with the use of crowdloan, where 317 participants locked 111k DOT worth $591k. This is the first-ever win in the Polkadot parachain slot auction.

source: https://parachains.info/auctions/polkadot

Logion is a revolutionary blockchain infrastructure empowering tokens on any blockchain as legal-grade digital assets. It addresses the disconnect between on-chain tokens and real-world rights and assets.

The platform verifies and binds identities, companies, assets, rights, and obligations to any token on any chain, offering a certified representation of token value. Operated by a decentralized network of international Judicial Officers, Logion ensures a secure, legally protected, and encrypted environment, creating a foundation for the tokenization revolution.

2. K-LAOS has won the 115th parachain auction on Kusama

K-LAOS has won the 115th parachain auction on Kusama by self-funding, using 25 KSM worth $600. According to parachains.info, K-LAOS was leading the auction 88% of the time. This is the first-ever win in the Kusama parachain slot auction.

source: https://parachains.info/auctions/kusama

LAOS, the upcoming Parachain for Polkadot, introduces K-LAOS as its canary network. From day one, LAOS unlocks unprecedented use cases across mature ecosystems, providing bridgeless connectivity and throughput comparable to Polkadot. The vision is to redefine blockchain consensus, leading the shift towards mass tokenization and true utility in Web3 applications. LAOS allows chains like Ethereum and Polygon to offload NFT processes, freeing capacity for more value-driven activities without the need for bridges, ensuring secure, efficient, and scalable digital ownership transactions.

3. Lastic achieves historic coretime broker trade with Shiden on Kusama

Lastic, a pioneer in the Polkadot ecosystem and the oncoming world’s first blockspace marketplace, has successfully executed the first-ever coretime broker trade on the Kusama network. Winning a parachain slot auction against Shiden and Turing Network, Lastic negotiated and traded leases with Shiden for KSM and SDN tokens.

While Coretime is yet to be deployed on Kusama, this proof-of-concept demonstrates the upcoming transition’s potential. Coretime marks a paradigm shift, offering a more dynamic framework for acquiring Polkadot’s security and interoperability. Lastic envisions Coretime as a revolutionary feature, streamlining processes and introducing blockspace brokers for enhanced flexibility in the blockchain ecosystem.

4. MapMetrics integrates with peaq, revolutionizing navigation in Web3

MapMetrics, a Solana-originated project, is set to transform navigation in the Web3 space by joining the peaq ecosystem. Leveraging peaq IDs now compatible with Solana, MapMetrics is incorporating core functions of its decentralized private infrastructure network (DePIN) on peaq.

This collaboration brings a Google Maps-style navigation DePIN to peaq, offering users rewards in tokens and NFTs for sharing anonymized location data. With a community voting pallet, MapMetrics enhances user engagement, and the compatibility between peaq IDs and Solana addresses streamlines the integration process, contributing to the flourishing peaqosystem.

“We believe in an open, Multi-Chain Web3 with seamless communication and value exchange between a plethora of protocols. By making peaq IDs compatible with Solana, we take another step toward bringing this vision to life — and it’s invigorating to see excellent projects such as MapMetrics use this technology to solve real business problems with the DePIN model.” stated Till Wendler, co-founder of peaq

5. MantaFest-Treasure Cruise sets sail for a 4-week adventure

MantaFest-Treasure Cruise, the second season of MantaFest, has commenced its 4-week maritime journey on Galxe.

From November 22nd to December 21st, explorers can embark on two distinct adventures: Entertainment and DeFi. Engage in activities, collect points and NFT treasures, all while navigating the vast Manta Pacific.

The Treasure Cruise unfolds in two waves, providing ample opportunities to interact with ecosystem projects and amass points, showcasing your role as a pioneering contributor in the Manta Pacific ecosystem.

Set sail on this thrilling adventure on Galxe: MantaFest — Treasure Cruise. ⛵🏴‍☠️🌊

6. Gleev App on Joystream hits 500,000 video milestone, doubling uploads in one month

Joystream, a video platform protocol, celebrates a significant milestone in video uploads. The Gleev app, a decentralized platform running on Joystream, achieved remarkable growth. From 250,000 videos on October 22 to doubling to 500,000 videos by November 24th, the streaming platform showcases the power of decentralized creativity.

7. LayerZero Integrates Astar and zKatana EVM Networks

LayerZero Labs announces the integration of Astar and the new zKatana EVM networks, unlocking vast opportunities for developers to create cross-chain decentralized applications with ease.

zKatana is a zkEVM testnet for Astar zkEVM, referring to the Japanese roots of Astar.

8. Scytale Digital and BOTLabs unveil the Polkadot Key Account Unit (PoKe) to elevate enterprise and government adoption

Scytale Digital and BOTLabs GmbH are introducing The Polkadot Key Account Unit (PoKe), a collaborative effort aimed at driving enterprise and government adoption within the Polkadot ecosystem through strategic business development and engagement initiatives.

9. Acala Network’s LDOT launches on Moonbeam Network and StellaSwap

Acala Network’s highly anticipated LDOT launch on Moonbeam Network and StellaSwap has been rescheduled to November 28th. The delay is attributed to XC-asset requirements, ensuring a seamless introduction.

10. Sora elevates user experience with SORA Wallet v3.7.0

SORA unveils SORA Wallet v3.7.0 for iOS and Android, featuring night mode, Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian language support, and several user experience enhancements. Dive into the upgraded interface and share your feedback.

11. Equilibrium’s strategic shift: Introducing Q token to pioneer Polkadot’s LSDs

Equilibrium proposes a significant tokenomics shift, introducing the Q token to fortify its position in Polkadot’s evolving liquid staking derivatives space. With a meticulous focus on governance and user interests, the proposal outlines a comprehensive strategy that leverages the changing dynamics of the Polkadot ecosystem.

The Q token, with innovative utility and stakeholder-centric features, is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping Equilibrium’s ecosystem.

12. Acurast proposes Oracle ecosystem initiative to tackle Polkadot’s data integration challenge

In response to Polkadot’s persistent Oracle challenge, Acurast presents the “Oracle Ecosystem Initiative.” This strategic proposal, seeking support from Polkadot’s on-chain treasury, aims to revolutionize the integration of off-chain data for Pallet, EVM, and WASM environments.

Addressing the crucial need for reliable Oracle solutions, Acurast positions itself uniquely to provide an ecosystem-wide, trustless solution, enhancing the functionality of various projects within the Polkadot ecosystem. Read the full proposal and share your feedback here on Polkassembly.

13. Litentry and SPACE ID join forces for decentralized identity empowerment in Web3

Litentry announces its strategic partnership with SPACE ID, integrating the Web3 Name SDK into IdentityHub. This collaboration aims to revolutionize decentralized identity management, empowering Web3 users with SID.bnb names.

SPACE ID’s universal name service network complements Litentry’s commitment to advancing privacy-preserving decentralized identity systems. Together, they embark on a journey to enhance Web3 identity experiences across various blockchains.

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