Weekly News from Polkadot & Kusama #104

1. Parallel Finance has won the 54th parachain auction on Polkadot

Parallel Finance has won the 54th parachain auction on Polkadot by raising 215k DOT worth $1,25M in the crowdloan, where in total 233 participants contributed. Parallel Finance was previously the winner of auction no 4.

Parallel Finance is a DeFi platform that offers lending and liquid staking services on Polkadot, including participation in crowdloans bringing further benefits for participants.

2. Deloitte launches groundbreaking KYC credentials on KILT blockchain

Deloitte Switzerland has rolled out its revolutionary KYC (Know Your Customer) credentials, utilizing the power of the KILT Protocol. This integration transforms identity verification processes, providing reusable digital credentials globally accepted for customer verification. Built on KILT’s blockchain, these credentials empower users with control over their personal data, enhancing privacy and efficiency. Deloitte’s approach, “Built on KILT,” demonstrates the future of decentralized identity verification, with the first use case already live and more anticipated in the near future.

The collaboration extends to Polimec, where Polimec Protocol utilizes Deloitte’s KYC Credentials to simplify early-stage fundraising on Polkadot. With a digital self-sovereign identity established through KILT Protocol.

3. MeWe surpasses 150k users on its path to decentralized social platform domination

In an exciting milestone, MeWe, the pioneering social network, has achieved over 150k active users on its decentralized platform and the numbers keep growing. Offering a Social Web account with a universal handle and badge, MeWe promises a future free from targeting, newsfeed manipulation, and data exploitation. Users can now claim a universal handle, thanks to MeWe’s adoption of the Frequency blockchain, a crucial step towards becoming the world’s largest decentralized social platform. The collaboration between MeWe and Frequency holds the potential to connect millions of users to Polkadot and the broader social web, empowering them with enhanced control over their personal data. Exciting developments lie ahead as MeWe continues its march toward redefining social networking.

4. Wicrypt’s Web3 WiFi hotspots go live on Krest, paving the way for global internet accessibility

Wicrypt, a Nigerian startup, has achieved a significant milestone by launching its Web3 WiFi hotspots on krest, equipped with unique peaq IDs. This breakthrough allows the hotspots to interact with the network and register transactions on peaq’s sister chain. The deployment marks a pivotal step in Wicrypt’s mission to bridge the digital divide, as the hotspots are set to migrate to peaq’s mainnet in the future. By unlocking peaq IDs, users can now connect others to the web, earn rewards, and contribute to a more accessible Internet worldwide.

5. StellaSwap launches stDOT for effortless DOT liquid-staking on Moonbeam

Unlock the full potential of your DOT on Moonbeam Network through StellaSwap’s stDOT. This recently launched liquid-staked DOT offers a seamless and secure gateway to PoS staking.

Elevate your DeFi journey with the flexibility and power of liquid stDOT. Supercharge your DOT holdings on Moonbeam Network and explore the possibilities. Stake now at https://app.stellaswap.com/stdot and experience a new dimension of DeFi with StellaSwap. Learn more at StellaSwap docs.

Double-dip your DOT yields with stDOT now in two simple steps:

  1. Stake DOT -> stDOT
  2. . to stDOT — DOT farm

6. Trace Alliance Academy launches, offering skills for trusted knowledge in AI innovation

Embark on a journey of knowledge and innovation as the Trace Alliance Academy goes live. Positioned at the intersection of trusted knowledge and AI tools, this academy invites individuals to explore and acquire skills crucial for transforming business strategies.

This initiative by Trace Alliance and OriginTrail tackles misinformation, providing clear visibility and trust across industries like supply chains, healthcare, the metaverse, construction, and beyond. Start your learning journey today and visit https://alliance-academy.origintrail.io to discover the possibilities and delve into the world of verifiable AI-powered search.

7. Kona Finance leaps forward with successful appchain deployment on Tanssi’s Dancebox TestNet

Kona Finance, in collaboration with Tanssi’s Dancebox TestNet, has achieved a major milestone by deploying an appchain. Partnering with BRX Ventures, the force behind Kona Finance’s decentralized short-term credit operational system, this integration on Dancebox signifies a pivotal moment for the DeFi space.

Kona Finance enhances DeFi by securing dedicated block space, ensuring swift transactions, and fostering interoperability within the Polkadot ecosystem. The platform revolutionizes short-term credit through on-chain hedging, staking pools, and oracles, streamlining and securing the borrowing and investing experience.

8. Native USDC lands on Moonbeam

In a pivotal development, native USDC has made its debut on Moonbeam. With the approval of Polkadot Proposal #174 on November 5th, users can now leverage USDC seamlessly for transaction fees and maintain accounts without the need for DOT.

This integration signals a significant advancement in expanding the utility of USDC on Moonbeam, offering users effortless access through the Moonbeam DApp.

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