Weekly news from Kusama & Polkadot #9

1. Moonbeam won the second parachain auction on Polkadot

After Acala secured the first auction slot, Moonbeam was the start to finish winner of the second parachain auction on Polkadot.

By raising over 35.8M DOT that is worth to this moment around 1.29B USD and having over 200k contributions in total is a result of the outstanding support of the investors. It’s the illustration of the success of both the crowdloan and auction structure as well as the power of the community, that supported Moonbeam and Acala with a vengeance.

The favorites for the next 3 slots are Astar, Parallel, Clover and Manta. So let's check out closely who will secure the next parachain slot, it's an amazing show, isn't it?!

Source: dotmarketcap.com

2. Genshiro won 15th auction on Kusama

Genshiro closed the 3rd batch of auctions on Kusama by securing the parachain auction slot #15. The non-winning contributions were refunded to the supporters. As we can see, the 4th batch started right after the end of the previous one and there are several projects competing for the next slots. SubSocial seems to be a favorite for the 16th, followed by Sakura (canary of Clover), SherpaX (canary of ChainX) and Pontem Nox.

Genshiro is the canary network project of Equilibrium. Genshiro will aim to test the technology for Equilibrium and later on roll out the DEX and introduce a wide range of derivatives based on traditional financial assets. Traders on Genshiro could then trade derivative products such as perpetual swaps or futures on stocks, commodities, stocks or ETF’s.

Projects from batch no 3, source: dotmarketcap.com

3. EWT staking booster period will result in 21,79% APY

Energy Web will run their staking during December 2021, as they stated earlier. So we are expecting this special event to come almost every day.

Because of the delay (it was supposed to happen through the summertime), Energy Web decided to booster the early adopters by adding rewards from the time that the staking was supposed to be started. By the last information, the booster period will ensure users reach 21,79% APY for the first three months of staking Energy Web Token $EWT.

For more information about Energy Web, go check out our comprehensive article about this ambitious project.


4. Moonbeam has its own Ledger app

The safest way of how to store cryptocurrencies is through hardware wallets because the private keys are there stored offline. One of the most known is Ledger with their Nano S and Nano X version.

Moonriver app on Ledger Live was just released so users can sign the transactions on Moonriver by using their Ledger hardware wallets. From now, using MetaMask securely on your favorite network is simple. Check out this tutorial done by Moonbeam to connect the Moonriver network using your HW.

Source: moonbeam.network

5. Calamari listed on KuCoin

The native token of Calamari (KMA) is now being listed on the KuCoin exchange. It's the first place you can trade KMA tokens in the KMA/USDT pair and by tomorrow, you will be able also to withdraw them. Deposits are already open.

Calamari is the winner of the #7 auction on Kusama. It's the canary network of Manta that we were writing about earlier. You can call Manta a privacy-preserving layer for Polkadot where you can not just mint private versions of crypto assets such as DOT or KSM but it will also offer DEX for those private coins. So Calamari will serve the same for the Kusama network.


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Czech bloggers & community builders. We are validators of Polkadot, Kusama, Darwinia, Crab, Bifrost, HydraDX, StaFi, Centrifuge under the name: POLKADOTTERS

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Polkadotters | Kusama & Polkadot validators

Polkadotters | Kusama & Polkadot validators

Czech bloggers & community builders. We are validators of Polkadot, Kusama, Darwinia, Crab, Bifrost, HydraDX, StaFi, Centrifuge under the name: POLKADOTTERS

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