Weekly news from Kusama & Polkadot #50

1. Bitgreen has won the 29th parachain auction on Polkadot

Bitgreen, as the name suggests, is a climate-positive blockchain that conserves critical rainforests, finances clean infrastructure, and protects vulnerable communities. Bitgreen is an open and permissionless blockchain platform, which meets the needs of non-governmental organizations, corporate environmental, social, and governance groups, and purpose-driven innovation in Web3.

Its green DeFi platform enables businesses and individuals to invest in sustainability markets, buy high-quality tokenized carbon credits, and participate in sustainable finance. Bitgreen’s impact banking infrastructure may be used by Web3 developers to expand financial access and ownership.

2. Genshiro won the 56th auction on Kusama

Genshiro is the canary network of Equilibrium. Genshiro aims to test the technology for Equilibrium, the DEX with a wide range of derivatives based on traditional financial assets such as perpetual swaps or futures on stocks, commodities, or ETFs.

3. Parallel enabled using USDT on the Money Market & AMM

You can lend your USDT for 4,98% rewards + 18,4% rewards in PARA tokens on Parallel, Heiko offers 1,67% rewards + 50,2% rewards in HKO tokens.

Farming offers incentivized rewards, but keep in mind the impermanent loss. For USDT/PARA you can get combined rewards for both farming and trading fees of ~68% APY. USDT/HKO pair on Heiko gives incentivized rewards of ~803% APY!

In addition to the USDT integration, Parallel has other news to report. Users can now bridge to Parallel their Acala-based assets such as ACA, LDOT, and lcDOT and enjoy more DeFi opportunities.

ACA/PARA LP on Parallel

4. Stage 1 of Manta’s Trusted Setup is now live, you can join it and help launch MantaPay

To generate a Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), the prover and the verifier need to commit to some shared secret and use it to generate public parameters. A Trusted Setup then generates the prover and verifier keys that are computed and verified.

Zero Knowledge Proofs allow the prover to prove the correctness of a statement to someone else (the verifier) without disclosing any information. Zero Knowledge Proofs are core to Manta Network’s privacy preservation functionality, which enables privacy for all crypto assets that are present in the Manta Network itself.

If you would like a walkthrough of the Manta Trusted Setup, check out this video tutorial.

For the Manta Trusted Setup participation, users can follow this link https://mnt.as/trusted-setup.

5. Beamswap DEX partners with Raresama and lists $POOP


Part of this partnership is also listing the $POOP token on the Beamswap DEX. Raresama is fully governed and curated by the community and $POOP is the native governance token of the Raresama marketplace. Raresama focuses on artists and the community.

Raresama is an NFT marketplace created by Moonsama, the leading NFT project in the Polkadot ecosystem which is supported by +1000 weekly unique players. Raresama is governed and curated by both Moonsama and Exosama communities.

The Gromlins collection on Raresama: https://raresama.com/collections/0xf27a6c72398eb7e25543d19fda370b7083474735

6. Ren protocol integrates into Moonbeam

Ren‌ ‌is‌ ‌an‌ ‌open‌ ‌protocol‌ ‌that‌ ‌enables‌ ‌the‌ ‌movement‌ ‌of‌ ‌value‌ ‌between‌ ‌blockchains.‌ ‌It’s allowing using wrapped assets such as renBTC in DeFi.

You can start bridging via this link https://bridge.renproject.io

source: https://medium.com/renproject/ren-integrates-moonbeam-1eb231b496c6

7. Crust announced the integration with Gear Technologies

Gear Protocol is a next-generation WASM smart contract engine for Dotsama based on Substrate. Gear will be a “blockchain-as-a-service” protocol, which will make it super-easy for developers to deploy their smart contracts in literally under 5 minutes and for a cheap.

Crust Network stands as the storage for Web3 services, while it supports multiple storage layer protocols such as IPFS, and exposes storage interfaces to application layers. Crust is simply intended to create a decentralized cloud environment that places a premium on data privacy and digital ownership.

8. Basilisk launched the first LBP of KSM/TNKR LP

The first LBP event (LBP=Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool) on Basilisk simply meant, that users were able to add their KSM tokens to the liquidity bootstrapping pool, for which they get the TNKR token.

LBP event on Basilisk

TNKR is the native token of Tinkernet, which is a bleeding edge L1 for the creator economy. Tinkernet fuels the most advanced solutions & economies for NFTs, DAOs, and IP.

Basilisk is a canary network of HydraDX, a cross-chain liquidity protocol built on Substrate with the amazing and ambitious multi-asset liquidity pool called the HydraDX Omnipool, where instead of pooling just two assets, all the assets are in one huge pool. This will result in higher liquidity and trading efficiency.


9. Interlay has opened HRMP channels with Astar Network

From now on, DeFi dApps on Astar can use $interBTC, a 1:1 bitcoin-backed asset, which is fully collateralized, interoperable, and censorship-resistant.

HRMP channels are also opened between canary networks of Interlay and Astar, which are Kintsugi and Shiden so that $kBTC and $KINT tokens from Kintsugy are available on Shiden.

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Czech bloggers & community builders. We are validators of Polkadot, Kusama, Darwinia, Crab, Bifrost, HydraDX, StaFi, Centrifuge under the name: POLKADOTTERS

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Czech bloggers & community builders. We are validators of Polkadot, Kusama, Darwinia, Crab, Bifrost, HydraDX, StaFi, Centrifuge under the name: POLKADOTTERS