Weekly news from Kusama&Polkadot #36


1. Imbue Network won the 40th slot on Kusama by raising 140x less KSM than Karura!

Imbue Network is the winner of the 40th parachain auction on Kusama by raising 3.550 KSM in the crowdloan from only 249 contributors. As far as we know, this amount of locked KSM, which is worth 187k USD at the moment of writing, is the smallest amount necessary for the slot in the Polkadot or Kusama auctions! With that said, it’s really inexpensive to profit from the shared security of the Kusama relay chain, when the project just waits for the right time to start the crowdloan and compete for a parachain slot.

Compared to this, Karura as the 1st winner of the Parachain auction on Kusama raised over 500k KSM from 14k contributors. It's literally more than 140x more value locked than for Imbue!

Imbue Network rewarded crowdloan contributors by 15% of the total supply, so it's really crazy knowing that 249 small fishes will own 15% of the IMBU tokens.

What is Imbue Network then? Imbue Network is a decentralized crowdfunding DAO. It’s an idea incubator open to the entire world that allows anyone to submit and vote on ideas worth funding from the communities that believe in them the most. Think of it as a kind of decentralized venture capital.

2. Chainlink price feeds went live on Moonbeam

Chainlink Price Feeds are now live on Moonbeam Network. CHPFs are on-chain price reference contracts, that gives developers access to Chainlink‘s oracle network providing asset data that will help support new multi-chain dApps.

“Many DeFi use cases require references to off-chain asset prices, but providing oracle price feeds that are resilient to attack and manipulation is a hard problem. Chainlink sets the standard when it comes to oracle security and reliability and has been a top-requested integration from developers building on Moonbeam. This Chainlink integration is one of the last integrations needed to provide a full set of building blocks to Moonbeam DeFi developers. We are excited to see how developers will combine Chainlink Price Feeds with Moonbeam’s interoperability features to create novel multi-chain DeFi protocols.” says Derek Yoo, Founder of Moonbeam.

source: Moonbeam.Network

DeFi applications such as Moonwell, a collateralized lending protocol that is coming soon to Moonbeam, will benefit from this partnership to power lending and borrowing with price data from a wide range of tokens including DOT.

3. Acala EVM+ launched for devs&users, Karura deployed the Wormhole bridge

Karura recently deployed the Wormhole multi-chain bridge on Karura’s EVM+. From that moment you can now bind your MetaMask wallet to Karura and bridge assets such as USDC or DAI (for this moment) to the Karura Network.

As the EVM+ continues to launch through subsequent phases, dApp developers can deploy their EVM-based smart contracts on Karura while using the same tooling utilized in the Ethereum environment. With Wormhole’s launch, Karura dApps could integrate assets from layer-1 blockchains supported by Wormhole.

With the Wormhole bridge enabled, users of Karura can now join the new 3Pool from Taiga Protocol consisting of 3 stablecoins aUSD/USDC/USDT.

As Bryan Chen stated at the AmsterDot conference, Acala follows the steps in the implementation of EVM+ in a few-week delay to Karura. In accordance with that, the Acala EVM+ has now officially launched for devs and users as the first phase of the EVM+ launch.

4. Amplitude, the canary network of Pendulum, started a waitlist for the crowdloan contribution

Amplitude, the canary network of Pendulum, will participate in the next parachain auction on Kusama. The 41st auction will take a place on the 29th of June. While you can use your KSM to contribute and get AMPE tokens as a reward for your contribution, there are also a few juicy bonuses to grab even more rewards.

  • 10% for waitlisted early supporters
  • up to 6,5% referral bonus
  • up to 3% by completing the “Amplifier” campaign.

By using our referral link, you can now enter the waitlist to get the bonuses.

What is Pendulum?

Pendulum is a fiat-optimized smart contract blockchain based on Polkadot’s Substrate. Its mission is to allow traditional finance fiat services to integrate with DeFi applications such as specialized forex AMMs, lending protocols, or yield farming opportunities. The first way how to do it is to bridge with Stellar blockchain, which has 15+ fiat tokens and local integrations for the traditional banking infrastructure.

5. Arthswap token ARSW will be listed on Gate.io

One of the leading DeFi projects that run on the Astar Network is ArthSwap. Their token ARSW will be listed in Gate.io exchange on 28th June.

ArthSwap is a one-stop DeFi protocol, which launched in January 2022. From that moment it becomes the DEX with the highest TVL in the entire Polkadot ecosystem.

source: ArthSwap twitter

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