Weekly news from Kusama&Polkadot #35

1. Coinversation won the 19th auction on Polkadot

Coinversation is the official winner of the 18th parachain auction on Polkadot Network by raising 143k DOT worth $1.1m. This amount of DOT was locked into the crowdloan by 1033 contributors, which will be rewarded by 22,5% of the initial supply of Coinversation as the crowdloan rewards. Coinversation was leading the battle for the 18th slot from the very beginning of the auction, so there was no doubt that this project will secure this slot for itself.

Coinversation Protocol is the synthetic assets issuance protocol and also a decentralized contract trading exchange. It uses the native CTO token and DOT token as collateral. It synthesizes any cryptocurrencies or stocks, bonds, gold, or other off-chain assets through smart contracts and oracles.

source: https://www.coinversation.io/

2. Tanganika Network won the 39th parachain auction on Kusama

Tanganika Network is another winner of the parachain auction on Kusama by raising 5 356 KSM in the crowdloan from only 263 contributors. Tanganika Network lead the auction 100% of the time, so there was no surprise they secured the 39th parachain auction slot.

Tanganika Network is the canary network of DataHighway on Kusama. DataHighway’s community members will ultimately be incentivized to operate a sophisticated IoT parachain based on Polkadot, where they may stake, govern, mine, and otherwise participate using the new DHX token and its associated Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and Inter-Chain Data Market.

3. Tapio Protocol launched tDOT on Acala

tDOT from Tapio is now live on Acala Network. tDOT is a multi-chain synthetic representation of DOT built by Tapio Protocol, that unifies different DOT derivates to unleash the maximum liquidity possible.

source: Tapio protocol

The vibrant selection of derivatives enables increased usability for DOT and KSM, which repairs the main problem of the Dotsama ecosystem derivate tokens, which is that the liquidity is siloed within individual parachains that are competing with each other. Liquidity becomes then very fragmented so thus ineffective.

Tapio & Taiga Protocols are motivated to maximize liquidity efficiency by removing silos caused by DOT and KSM derivatives and creating unified derivates for both KSM (taiKSM) and DOT (tDOT). This can help to unify the liquidity which can boost the multichain vision of the Dotsama ecosystem.

You can stake the tDOT token on Acala for ~33.9%.


4. Mangata X launched a liquidity bootstrapping event

Mangata X is about to start. At this moment, it provides the liquidity bootstrapping event for MGX/KSM trading pair. It will be the first opportunity for early adopters of Mangata X to get their MGX liquidity allocation for what they will lately receive early rewards. The bootstrap started on June 8th, 2022, and will continue for a week.

A liquidity bootstrap is an event of a few days duration that initially fills up a liquidity pool to list a token on a DEX. Liquidity bootstrap on Mangata X will ensure deep liquidity on the first liquidity pool on the DEX: MGX-KSM. Besides that, it will lead to the price discovery of the MGX token.

Join the liquidity bootstrap and get some early-contributor bonuses of one of the promising projects on Dotsama. At this moment, the ratio is 143 657 MGX for 1 KSM.

5. Turing network phase 3 launch is complete

The Turing Network phase 3 launch is complete. This phase enabled balance transfers from wallet to wallet, staking and also receiving staking rewards for collators and delegators, and on-chain identities.

First, two phases were Early Adopter Launch (Phase 1) and Delegated Proof of Stake (Phase 2). At the turn of June and July, we can expect two more phases. Governance (Phase 4) and Removal of Sudo (Phase 5).

Being a canary network of OAK Network, Turing Network aims to drive product usage of XCM by providing cross-chain automation for other Kusama parachains. You can stake your TUR tokens with Polkadotters or with any other Dotvalidator alliance.

6. DotSama Prague conference had well-known guests

Last Tuesday took place a one-day conference in Prague was organized by the Kodadot team. The name of the conference Dotsama Prague indicated the place of the venue.

Various speakers from the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems talked about different topics, including some well-known experts such as Dan Reecer from Acala talking about aUSD and Acala progress, Hoon Kim from Astar talking about XCM implementation and usecases for the DotSama ecosystem or Caroline Mascarin from Interlay with her speech focused on bridging bitcoin into various blockchains and ecosystems.

Hoon Kim from Astar with his speech “XCM and cross-chain native dApps will be driving the future of Web3.0”

An even bigger event you can expect in four different locations at the same time— Berlin, New York, Hangzhou, and Buenos Aires. Polkadot Decoded 2022, is scheduled for June 29th-30th of this year.

7. DOT festival on Astar, event #2 — Double the Rewards, deposit DOT on AstridDAO or use DOT LPs on ArthSwap

The DOT Festival on Astar continues with event #2. With twice the rewards compared to the 1st event. While the 1st event of the DOT festival brought the participants 1,000,000 ASTR, the second one doubles the reward to 2,000,000 ASTR. You can use two different actions to grab a part of the bonus.

Bonus no. 1: DOT deposit on AstridDAO with rewards of 1,200,000 ASTR

Bonus no. 2: LP farming with rewards of 800,000 ASTR

For detailed info on how to participate, check out our latest article about event #2 of the DOT festival.

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