Weekly news from Kusama&Polkadot #34

1. Kabocha is the winner of auction #38 on Kusama

Kabocha describes itself as a holistic self-evolving community parachain project spawned from Edgeware, accelerating founders, creators and teams building new public infrastructure in Web3 and its related public subverses and metaverses. Simply a decentralized community that is experiencing itself.

2. Unique Network is live on Polkadot

Unique was the winner of the 14th auction a few weeks ago with a lease period from 4th June 2022 to 8th April 2023.

3. Astar Network launched the #1 event of the DOT festival

There are going to be triple rewards in this event that consist of rewards from trading fees for the trading pair DOT/WASTR, harvesting $ARSW farming rewards, and getting a fraction of 1 000 000 ASTR rewards. This first event started on 31th May and finishes on the 8th June.

For grabbing the bonus of this event, you just need to do these 4 steps:

  1. get your AstarPass, which maps your native substrate account to an EVM account — the registration manual can be found here
  2. bridge DOT to Astar by using Astar Portal
  3. provide liquidity for DOT/WASTR pool on ArthSwap
  4. stake your LP tokens into DOT/WASTR-LP farm

The actual APR for DOT/WASTR-LP is 219%.

ArthSwap is a one-stop Defi protocol that focuses mainly on swapping, staking, and liquidity mining, so it can be considered as an “Astar-native” dApp.

4. Lido is now on Polkadot and runs on Moonbeam

stDOT is a rebasable token with a balance that grows in your wallet every day as staking rewards comes in. Rewards are maximized through dynamic reallocation to the most profitable DOT validator nodes. stDOT as the liquid representation of the DOT token can be then used in DeFi protocols on Moonbeam and other parachains.

By using Lido and the stDOT token, you can immediately unstake it and receive the original DOT token instead, so there is no unbonding period which lasts 28 days in Polkadot, while you stake your DOT.

Lido runs on the Moonbeam network, so the stDOT is an XC-20 token, a representation of ERC-20 tokens for Moonbeam, which can be stored in your MetaMask wallet because Moonbeam is fully Ethereum compatible.

Besides staking your DOT, Lido enables to its users' cross-chain transfers between the Polkadot relay chain and the Moonbeam parachain. The last functionality worth mentioning is the wrapping function, where you can wrap your stDOT tokens into wstDOT, which can be used then on the DeFi protocols that require a constant balance of the token.


5. Moonsama launched the marketplace v2.0

The new Moonsama customizer present in the v2.0 version allows users to equip different NFT weapons, backgrounds, off-hands, cosmetics, and so on. NFT composability is done by our Multiverse Bridge, a substrate that connects multi-chain NFT assets to different integrated metaverses.

Moonsama is a project from the Moonriver community which was launched in September 2021 and become the leading NFT project on Kusama by market capitalization.

Moonsama 2.0

Consider supporting us by the nomination of your tokens to Kusama or Polkadot validator going by the POLKADOTTERS name.



Czech bloggers & community builders. We are validators of Polkadot, Kusama, Darwinia, Crab, Bifrost, HydraDX, StaFi, Centrifuge under the name: POLKADOTTERS

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Polkadotters | Kusama & Polkadot validators

Czech bloggers & community builders. We are validators of Polkadot, Kusama, Darwinia, Crab, Bifrost, HydraDX, StaFi, Centrifuge under the name: POLKADOTTERS