Weekly news from Kusama&Polkadot #33

1. Bajun Network won the 37th parachain auction on Kusama

Bajun Network is another winner of the parachain auction on Kusama by raising 33 261 KSM in the crowdloan from 1971 contributors. Bajun Network lead the auction 100% of the time, so there was no surprise they secured the 37th parachain auction slot.

Bajun Network is the canary network for Ajuna and will be fueled by the BAJU token. Its purpose will be hosting games and also testing and introducing new features, services, and functionalities of Ajuna. Besides that, it will support smaller game studios and game developers.

Ajuna Network makes the world’s leading game development engines Unity and Unreal fully integrated with the world of blockchain-based assets. Ajuna empowers gamers to own and control their in-game assets, trade them in community marketplaces, and bring them to new worlds.

2. Nodle parachain went live on Polkadot

On the 23rd of May, the Nodle parachain finally went live on Polkadot. Crowdloan bonus allocations should be available immediately, except for the NodleX NFT which will be issued around Q3 2022.


Nodle is the decentralized IoT network of Polkadot, that provides secure and low-cost connectivity, an additional layer of security by certifying and authenticating smart devices. It also provides data liquidity to billions of IoT devices, all powered by smartphones that at the same time are earning NODL (Nodle Cash) as passive income for the users.

Do you wanna know more about Nodle? Just go through our recent article.

3. Uniswap is going to launch on Moonbeam

Uniswap is the most known decentralized exchange widely. According to TVL, it exceeds $5,6b and it runs on Ethereum L1 and also on some L2s such as Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.

Uniswap AMM v3 is going to Launch on two new blockchains that are Moonbeam and Gnosis. It's definitely a big step for the whole Dotsama ecosystem because, in terms of liquidity, number of trades, UX, and UI, Uniswap is an absolute beast of the beasts.

Uniswap passed successfully the governance proposal to deploy the popular decentralized exchange on Gnosis and Moonbeam, so the decision was made by the community of this decentralized application. Both proposals succeeded with more than 99% of the votes in favor, Uniswap Labs announced on the 23rd of May that the Uniswap DEX will be launching on both Moonbeam and Gnosis. This move could result in further endorsement for Uniswap, especially in the Polkadot ecosystem, which is quickly moving towards higher TVLs and a huge position in DeFi.


4. Bifrost raindrops will share 40 000 BNC

A total of 1400+ addresses have accumulated over 160M Raindrop entries through the Rainbow Boost. This new DeFi incentive feature records users’ beneficial behavior and converts it into raindrops, which then serve as the reward mechanism for various airdrops.

Already four airdrops occurred in Bifrost recently, when raindrop owners received 20 000 SDN and 80 000 PHA, a week before that also 50 000 KAR and 1 000 MOVR. Another airdrop will share 40 000 BNC for the users that qualify with their raindrop entries.

What to do to have raindrops? There are a few qualifying options including an entry in the first Kusama crowdloan (in the past), or minting vKSM. You can even farm your newly minted vKSM for 26% APY for another 30 days period. Some extras you can get by staking BNC to your favorite collator (go for Polkadotters of course🙂) with rewards ~25%.

Farm your vKSM on Bifrost

5. Zenlink hybrid AMM launch on Moonriver and Moonbeam

Zenlink Hybrid AMM will be live on the Moonriver network on May 31 and live on the Moonbeam network a day after. The Stable Farm on both networks will be launched at the same time.

The Zenlink Hybrid AMM smart contract has passed PeckShield’s security audit. The 1st Stable Farm 4pool will be live on Dotsama soon. This pool will consist of 4 stablecoins: USDT, USDC, xcAUSD, and FRAX.


6. Crust Network reaches 1 000 000 valid files

Crust Network surpassed 1 000 000 valid files stored on Crust Network from the launch of the mainnet, which happened in September 2021. From that time Crust recorded a continuous inflow of data to the network from both, Web3 and Web2 users.

Source: https://crust.subscan.io/tools/charts?type=crust_file

Crust Network is decentralized cloud storage that has a few advantages. They have low hardware requirements and fast data sealing which results in better UX. The integration to the Dotsama ecosystem enables simple integration with Web3 dApps. Crust Network is privacy-oriented, because all the data are encrypted, secured, and sovereign thanks to the TEE technology.

Consider supporting us by the nomination of your tokens to Kusama or Polkadot validator going by the POLKADOTTERS name.



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