Weekly news from Kusama&Polkadot #19


1. Auctions info

We had a little break between auctions, so last week we had no new auction winner in both Kusama and Polkadot. Kusama will now start batch #6, so there will be competition for auction slots #26–30. Polkadot will now have two more auctions in the second batch, so there will compete projects Interlay, Equilibrium, Nodle, Litentry and Phala Network for slots #10–11, but it really seems that Interlay and Equilibrium will have an advantage over other projects because they already received a nice portion of DOT in their crowdloans.

2. Bifrost has a bi-directional crosschain with Statemine

Bifrost upgraded to a bi-directional crosschain with Statemine. They already realized a loop of asset liquidity. Developers can now issue assets on Bifrost with Statemine.

Besides that, on 16th February Bifrost launched the Collator node public beta test divided into Collator node operation and Delegator BNC (Test Token) staking to Collators.

3. Mangata X launching crowdloan on Kusama

Mangata X is a new style DEX, that will protect its users against front-running. Right now they are launching a crowdloan with a goal to reach a parachain slot on Kusama in the upcoming 6 batch of auctions.

Besides the front-running protection, Mangata X will have a no-gas architecture, which suits better to regular people who aren’t willing to pay dozens or hundreds of dollars per transaction on Ethereum.

Check out our latest article to find out the number of crowdloan bonuses.

4. Curve Finance is now on Moonbeam

Curve Finance is the first major DeFi protocol, that launches on Moonbeam, EVM compatible parachain. Curve will bring over $16 billion in liquidity to Polkadot.

Curve Finance is the largest DeFi protocol by TVL (total value locked). According to DeFi Llama, Curve has TVL of about $18,93 billion.

Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum (and now on Moonbeam) designed for extremely efficient stablecoin trading.

Moonbeam is the winner of the second parachain auction on Polkadot. Its main purpose is that it's an EVM-compatible smart contract platform, that enables integration of dApps from Ethereum without any significant changes to be deployed on Polkadot. The Moonbeam ecosystem is growing rapidly as you can see on the infographics.

Moonbeam ecosystem, source: Moonbeam

There are some more Moonbeam news as well! On 20th February, the Moonbeam Foundation has completed the distribution of GLMR token rewards to all the Take Flight participants. GLMR tokens were sent to the rewards address specified in the Token Purchase Agreement (TPA).

GLMR token holders can use them now to interact with the network by:

  • Staking with collators & earn rewards
  • Using live integrations in the ecosystem

5. We started our Moonbeam Collator!

This one is our personal news. From now you can stake your GLMR tokens also with POLKADOTTERS!

As we just started, we need your help to get as soon as possible to the active set, so we will be grateful if you support our channel by picking us as your Moonbeam Collators! Polkadotters collator address is 0x3f0937BdEF510fd1D39F76CF41a7A4CFbf8ab876



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