Weekly news from Kusama&Polkadot #15

1. Darwinia Crab won 22nd auction on Kusama

Darwinia Crab won the 22nd parachain auction on Kusama. By raising 7,6k KSM from over two thousand contributors, it's another project with its own Kusama slot. A big favorite for auction no. 23 is SORA.

Darwinia Crab is a canary network of Darwinia. As some of you probably know, Darwinia is a bridge project, that aims to onramp projects built on different blockchains such as Ethereum, Tron, BSC and in the future many more. Crab is the first cross-chain bridge with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatibility that natively supports DeFi dApps and NFTs.

2. KILT announced launch of socialKYC

KILT protocol launched SocialKYC. Its main purpose and goal are to focus on regaining control over the digital identity of social media users. SocialKYC is built on top of the KILT Protocol.

SocialKYC is a building block for securing your government-issued credentials like an ID or passport, that you usually need to provide when opening an account in a bank or crypto exchange in terms of KYC (Know Your Customer). Another usage can be the credentials of users' e-mail addresses or social media accounts, which makes those data still in your pocket, but there could exist a prove acceptable by some other services about your ownership that is disposable by using SocialKYC.

With the help of SocialKYC and the Sporran wallet, users can now manage their personal credentials and decide whether to use some special elements of it or not. This makes the Web3 services better, safer and more usable.

3. Astar Network is on mainnet, Staking Festival started

Astar launched the mainnet on the Polkadot Network. Transfers are enabled and $ASTR is already tradable on centralized exchanges such as Huobi Global, KuCoin, Kraken or Gate.io. Crowdloan rewards start being distributed as well.

The mainnet launch also means that developers can now build dApps on Astar with their native developer tools. EVM is also enabled.

Astar is preparing a native Polkadot-Cosmos bridge. The connection will be enabled by Astar Network and Octopus Network.


Astar Staking Festival started, which means high APY for contributors of dApp staking. There are some limits, such as a maximum of 512 nominators for each pool or a minimum staking amount of 500 ASTR. On the other hand, vested and locked tokens can be staked too. During the Staking Festival, the ratio between staker and pool is set to 99:1.

Source: medium.com/astar-network

4. Sora launched the crowdloan on Kusama

Sora recently launched the crowdloan with the goal to reach the Kusama parachain slot no. 23. Sora plans to reward crowdloan supporters with 5000 XOR tokens as well with some bonuses such as DEO tokens (2 DEO for 1 KSM contribution) and special RMRK NFTs for TOP 100 contributors.

Sora is a new economic system with a decentralized concept of a central bank. It's also a network that implements built-in tools such as atomic swaps focused on DeFi into a parachain on Polkadot and Kusama.

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