Weekly news from Kusama&Polkadot #14

1. Composable Finance takes the 7th auction slot on Polkadot

The 7th parachain auction on Polkadot finished a few days ago and the slot goes to Composable Finance. With over 6 mil. $DOT locked by over 9k supporters during the crowdloan, it's labeled as another very successful crowdloan.

Similar to some other projects that succeeded in Polkadot auctions, Composable has also its own canary network called Picasso, which secured for itself the auction slot no. 12 on Kusama.

Composable is one of the most ambitious projects in space. It strives to connect multiple blockchains such as Polkadot, Kusama, Ethereum and their L2 networks into one giant liquidity hub, where you will be able to move various different LP positions between these chains and their parachains! Check out our recent article for more detailed info.

2. Integritee Network won the 21st Kusama auction

The fifth batch of auctions on Kusama started over a week ago and resulted in the 21st auction slot secured by Integritee Network. Integritee is a solution for securely processing sensitive personal or business data.

By using trusted execution environments (TEEs), Integritee enables building decentralized-driven data applications and services while securing data that are not exposed onchain.

3. Astar launched, DEX and stablecoin are coming

Astar mainnet is launched on Polkadot, so developers can now build their dApps by using Astar’s developer tools. Transactions and EVM are also enabled with $ASTR listing on OKEx , Gate.io and Huobi Global. Astar also already distributed rewards from the crowdloan for the participants.

ArthSwap will be the native DEX of Astar that will enable typical DeFi functions such as swaps, staking, liquidity mining and very attractive APY.

The second stablecoin in Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem is about to be released. After Karura and its kUSD, there will be another amazing $USM stablecoin from Standard Protocol.

USM will be a self-sovereign, non-reserve Web3 stablecoin running on Astar, Shiden and Polygon.

4. Clover Finance staking is live

Clover Finance staking on the mainnet is live, so users can now stake their $CLV tokens which enable them to contribute to the network decentralization and gain staking rewards at the same time. Users can participate in staking also with their smartphones by using Clover Mobile Wallet.

By mainnet going live, the Clover crowdloan rewards started being distributed to their supporters.

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Czech bloggers & community builders. We are validators of Polkadot, Kusama, Darwinia, Crab, Bifrost, HydraDX, StaFi, Centrifuge under the name: POLKADOTTERS

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Polkadotters | Kusama & Polkadot validators

Polkadotters | Kusama & Polkadot validators

Czech bloggers & community builders. We are validators of Polkadot, Kusama, Darwinia, Crab, Bifrost, HydraDX, StaFi, Centrifuge under the name: POLKADOTTERS

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