Weekly news from Kusama & Polkadot | 13–19.9.21

Weekly summary from 13.-19. September 2021

1. Project Calamari won the parachain slot in auction # 7

Calamari is a canary network from the Manta project that will use services equivalent to those that will be launched later on Manta. Those are MariPay (instead of MantaPay) and MariSwap (similar to MantaSwap).

MariPay will offer private transactions for any asset within Kusama and its attached parachains. It will be possible to send tokens of individual parachains and their private versions, such as private versions of KSM, KAR, MOVR and others. The Decentralized Anonymous Payment (DAP) protocol is based on zk-SNARKs. The mentioned private (anonymous) tokens will then be able to be used in the whole ecosystem, while users have the possibility to exchange them for the original underlying tokens (KSM, KAR,…) at any time on private DEX called MariSwap.

2. Basilisk is the biggest favorite to win the # 8 slot in the auctions

Basilisk is a canary network from HydraDX, which has already met its cap of 222k locked KSM. There is almost only a matter of time when Basilisk will get its slot, we have only a few days waiting.

Actual auction progress on Kusama, source

3. For slots # 9- # 10 favorites are Altair and Heiko

So far it looks like the favorites for the next auctions are Altair (Centrifuge), Heiko (Parallel Finance), Kintsugi BTC and PolkaSmith.

4. Shiden launched its own EVM

Shiden is a canary network of Astar (formerly Plasm), which provides EVM compatibility for developers of smart contracts originating from the Ethereum ecosystem. It differs from the Moonriver project by two other functions — it enables smart contracts based on WASM / Rust (which are much faster and more secure than traditional contracts on Ethereum) and provides dApp Staking. In addition, Shiden supports the Layer2 solution. You can dig deeper into the Astar project (and therefore also the canary called Shiden) while reading our older interview with the founder of Astar — Sota Watanabe.

5. In the Moonriver Network locked over $280M in staking

There is a total of 833k MOVR tokens locked in staking, which represents 8.2% of the tokens issued so far. This number is constantly growing in time.

6. Karura enables liquid staking of KSM

Karura, the canary network of the Acala project. Karura already enables minting of the kUSD token, which is a decentralized stablecoin and now also liquid staking, which we explained in a separate article. In short, for your locked KSM tokens, for which you receive a staking reward, you will also get liquid LKSM tokens, that you can further use in Karura DeFi.

Now there is already 28k KSM locked in Karura with a maximum cap of 30k KSM, the reward for KSM staking is currently 16%.

Karura liquid staking

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