Weekly news from Kusama&Polkadot #10

1. Astar is the winner of parachain auction #3 on Polkadot

Acala and Moonbeam are already winners of the parachain slot on Polkadot. From last week, Astar is the third one who won the parachain auction.

Astar raised over 10.3M DOT, which is still a huge number, but only 1/3 of the funds raised by Acala & Moonbeam. For the next parachain slot, there is without any doubt only one favorite, who is leading the auction from the very beginning. The project is Parallel Finance. For the 5th auction slot, we still have a few more favorites: Clover, Manta, Efinity and Litentry.

SubDAO won’t compete in the auctions anymore, because they decided to suspend it and focus more on cooperation with other parachains such as Moonriver.

Source: parachains.info

2. Subsocial is the winner of parachain auction #16 on Kusama

Subsocial is the first winner of the 4th batch of auctions on Kusama that secured the parachain auction slot #16. In this batch, there are several favorites for the auction slots, namely Zeitgeist (prediction market), Sakura (canary of Clover), SherpaX (canary of ChainX) and Crust Shadow (canary of Crust Network). Maybe some other projects like Mars, Pontem Nox or SORA can compete with them as well.

Subsocial is kind of a Web3 blogging platform medium type with crypto payments available. It connects social media as we know it today from some centralized platforms with decentralized finance. All posts and spaces (something like groups in FB) are associated with public key pairs (accounts), so that's the difference between Subsocial and regular centralized social media with just a username and password.

Source: Parachains.info

3. Polkadotters started the YouTube channel!

Yes, we made it! Polkadotters finally have their own YouTube channel. Called Polkadotters 🙂

The first video we made was the tutorial of dApp staking in the Shiden Network. dApp staking is a revolutionary feature by Astar, that provides kind of a passive income for both dApp developers and their community supporters.

More amazing videos and tutorials will come in the future, so go and SUBSCRIBE our channel!

4. HydraDX announced their triple-HDX referendum

HydraDX is the revolutionary DEX project with their HDX Omnipol feature. HydraDX Council decided to run a referendum of tripling the number of HDX tokens owned by the users (besides the dev team). At this moment you can join the governance process and vote for it (or against).

It's an amazing example of governance and as well as the focus on the decentralization aspect by the HydraDX Council. Feel free to check their statement.

5. Chainlink price feeds are now on Moonriver

Chainlink price feeds are live on Moonriver, so developers can now use Chainlink’s oracle functionality to build DeFi smart contracts using external data resources & off-chain computations without leaving the Kusama network.

Chainlink integration with Moonriver provides many key features needed for DeFi applications, such as ​high-quality data, secure oracle nodes, decentralized computation or proven oracle infrastructure.

Chainlink is the industry leader for oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain including Kusama and Polkadot. Moonriver (canary of Moonbeam) is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on the Kusama network, with its usage, it's easy to build natively interoperable applications.

6. More tokens are being distributed: Calamari, Altair, Kilt, Heiko, Genshiro

With auction #16 being processed at this moment, we already have 15 auction slots occupied. And more tokens get distributed each and every week.

The last distributed ones were Calamari (canary of Manta), Altair (canary of Centrifuge), Kilt, Heiko (canary of Parallel) and Genshiro (canary of Equilibrium).

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