Tanssi: Where Appchains Are Born Faster Than You Can Imagine

Imagine you’re eager to create a smart contract. It could be a straightforward task, taking just a few hours or days, or a comprehensive project requiring careful attention. Yet, regardless of the complexity, your smart contract or the dApp built upon it will inherently carry limitations associated with the smart contract platform it’s deployed on — be it Ethereum, Moonbeam or Astar.

But what if your aspirations reach beyond the realm of smart contracts? What if you want to attempt the creation of your very own appchain? Is it as straightforward as crafting a smart contract? Hell no! Building an appchain is a challenging effort that calls for a lot of experience, either from your own expertise or your team’s collective knowledge. Time, in this context, is a precious commodity, especially when it comes to rigorous testing and bug hunting.

Now, picture this: What if I were to tell you that there’s a remarkable tool capable of enabling you to deploy your very own appchain in just one hour? Does that fuel your excitement? If the answer is a resounding “YES,” then you’re in for a thrilling journey. In the following lines, we’ll introduce you to Tanssi, a game-changing innovation poised to revolutionize appchain deployment on Polkadot.


1. Appchains: The Next Frontier of Blockchain
2. Tanssi: Revolutionizing Speed in Appchain Deployment
2.1. ContainerChain Architecture in Brief
3. Tanssi’s Integration with Polkadot
4. Uniqueness of Appchains via Tanssi
5. Conclusion: Tanssi as Your Partner in the Dance of Appchain Deployment

1. Appchains: The Next Frontier of Blockchain

In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized networks, appchains have emerged as a promising frontier. These innovative constructs represent a paradigm shift in blockchain technology, aiming to elevate its potential to new heights.

Crafted to Perfection

Think of appchains as the Formula 1 driver’s equivalent of a personalized racing car. Just as a Formula 1 driver seeks a finely tuned machine customized to their unique driving style, appchains provide a blockchain that’s expertly tailored to serve a specific purpose with precision and efficiency. It’s not just a blockchain; it’s your blockchain, meticulously engineered to synchronize flawlessly with your project’s distinct requirements.

The appeal of appchains is undeniable, offering bespoke solutions for a wide range of blockchain applications. However, their widespread adoption has been hindered by formidable challenges, much like navigating the complex world of Formula 1 racing. These challenges encompass a sophisticated ecosystem of validators, block producers, bridges, RPC services, wallets, infrastructure considerations, and security complexities, intensifying the stakes for any project venturing into the realm of appchains.

Creating an application-specific blockchain, or appchain, is an enticing opportunity. It promises developers greater freedom over the economic structure, governance model, and consensus algorithm for their application. Appchains operate on top of existing Layer 1 (L1) blockchains, leveraging their security and gas fee advantages. The attraction lies in their ability to improve upon the existing Layer 1 blockchain structure, empowering developers with more control.

Compared to developing on a public Layer 1 blockchain, appchains offer developers a clear advantage. Public blockchains require applications to compete for computational and storage resources, limiting performance and flexibility. Appchains, conversely, remove this competition by focusing solely on one application, guaranteeing top performance and flexibility. Additionally, developers gain enhanced ownership, enabling seamless updates and modifications to the chain.

2. Tanssi: Revolutionizing Speed in Appchain Deployment

Tanssi, derived from the Finnish word for “dance,” enters as a top-notch enabler, smoothly eliminating the hurdles that have typically made appchain deployment challenging. Just like a talented dancer expertly follows a complex routine, Tanssi provides the skill and know-how required to streamline the complexities of appchain deployment.

Efficiency is the defining feature of Tanssi, but it doesn’t stop there — it’s also incredibly fast. We’re not just talking about a slight improvement; we’re talking about reducing appchain deployment time from the duration of months to under an hour once Tanssi is on MainNet. Yes, you read that correctly!

Appchains deployed through Tanssi, known as ContainerChains, are customizable blockchains that come with an array of features. Notably, they offer block production as a service and inherit block finality (consensus) from Polkadot, positioning them as Layer 1 blockchains suchlike Moonbeam, rather than Layer 2 solutions built on top of another Layer 1.

Here’s a high-level glimpse of what a ContainerChain looks like within this ecosystem:

2.1. ContainerChain Architecture in Brief

One pivotal distinction between a conventional Parachain and a ContainerChain powered by Tanssi is the composition of their block producers, also known as collators. This difference is made possible by Polkadot’s unique architecture, which grants Tanssi and all ContainerChains a shared consensus mechanism. Consequently, each chain can securely retrieve information from other chains, operating in a trustless and decentralized manner as an integral part of the consensus mechanism. A detailed technical overview of Tanssi delves into the intricacies of how this mechanism operates.

In contrast, each ContainerChain maintains its own set of Data Preservers, which house full archive nodes of the ContainerChain they belong to. However, they receive incentives through Tanssi’s data-retrieval-as-a-service. These Data Preservers assume the role of providing the necessary RPC infrastructure for applications and users interfacing with Tanssi and ContainerChains.

Tanssi doesn’t just simplify appchain deployment; it orchestrates a seamless dance through the intricacies of blockchain creation, ensuring efficiency, speed, and reliability every step of the way.

3. Tanssi’s Integration with Polkadot

Tanssi’s fusion with Polkadot unleashes powerful possibilities. Here’s why it matters:

Shared Security: Tanssi inherits Polkadot’s massive security blanket, fortifying appchains against threats.

Interoperability: Expanding the boundaries of cross-chain collaboration, Appchains seamlessly engage with Polkadot parachains. Thanks to XCM, which facilitates direct communication with parachains like Moonbeam, ContainerChains can access Moonbeam’s Routed Liquidity, enabling frictionless interactions with external networks and transcending the realm of Polkadot-exclusive interoperability.

Scalability & Cost-Efficiency: Tanssi outshines Ethereum, one of the most established blockchain platforms, with scalability and cost-effectiveness.

In the Polkadot ecosystem, Tanssi is the key that unlocks innovation while ensuring security, scalability, and endless opportunities.

4. Uniqueness of Appchains via Tanssi

Tanssi doesn’t just simplify appchain deployment; it revolutionizes it. Here’s a glimpse of its distinct features:

Customized Consensus Mechanisms: Tailor your appchain’s consensus algorithm to your project’s specific needs.

Flexible Fee Structures: Define how transactions are processed and their associated fees, even enabling feeless transactions.

Efficient Governance Models: Streamline governance for quicker and more effective decision-making.

Empowering Developers: With Tanssi, developers gain unprecedented control and ownership.

Rapid Deployment: Say goodbye to lengthy deployment times; Tanssi transforms them from months to under an hour.

Fostering Creativity, Community, and Innovation: Tanssi erases technical barriers, empowering developers to innovate and build thriving communities.

5. Conclusion: Tanssi as Your Partner in the Dance of Appchain Deployment

In closing, Tanssi stands as a true game-changer in the blockchain arena, revolutionizing the deployment of appchains and offering countles advantages for developers and the broader community. It has gracefully addressed the complexities and technical challenges of appchain deployment, presenting an innovative framework for modular blockchain creation tailored to diverse use cases.

Tanssi’s technical prowess is undeniable, providing a robust infrastructure for the deployment of ContainerChains, enabling developers to focus on crafting unique appchains without being burdened by intricate infrastructure concerns. With features like block production as a service and consensus on demand, Tanssi simplifies the most demanding aspects of appchain development, ensuring both speed and security.

Tanssi fosters seamless collaboration among sibling chains within the Polkadot ecosystem. Its ability to assign collators and maintain synchronization between the Tanssi network and ContainerChains via the relay chain facilitates efficient and trustless coordination. This architectural elegance ensures that appchains operate independently, maintaining their sovereignty while benefiting from shared security.

By empowering developers and communities, Tanssi simplifies appchain deployment, fostering innovation, creativity, and community growth. Embrace this transformative journey with us, ushering in a new era of blockchain innovation. Join the dance of appchain deployment, where your ideas and innovations take center stage, guided by a platform that accelerates your blockchain projects and brings the future of blockchain technology closer — all made possible with Tanssi.

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