Talisman Quests: Game Your Way to $25,000 DOT Airdrop in the Paraverse

Talisman is a user-friendly, multi-chain browser extension wallet designed for both beginners and experienced users. It boasts top-notch security features, supports over 180 networks, and allows users to stake various cryptocurrencies, not just DOT or ETH.

Recently Talisman launched its Quest App in Open Beta. The current Phase will run until April 30th. Let’s dive into the details and what you can achieve in the Paraverse.

Talisman Quests: Level up your Web3 journey

Talisman Quests is a new program designed to enhance the user experience within the Talisman ecosystem. It’s a gamified platform where users can participate in quests and missions to earn XP (experience points) and unlock exciting rewards, including airdrops, special perks, and access to premium features within the Talisman Wallet.

Key Features of Talisman Quests

Key features of Talisman Quests
  • Discover and Learn: Complete quests & missions about new Web3 projects, that teach you valuable skills like staking, trading, lending, and more.
  • Wallet Mining: Earn XP for simply holding your tokens in your Talisman Wallet.
  • Levelling System: As you accumulate XP, your profile levels up, granting access to airdrops, premium features within the Talisman Wallet, and exclusive community roles.
  • Community Roles: Earn recognition and influence within the Talisman community by unlocking special roles.
  • Premium Features: High-level users gain access to premium features within the Talisman Wallet, further enhancing their experience.

Getting Started with Talisman Quests

  1. Download Talisman Wallet: This is the first step to joining the adventure. The user-friendly wallet allows you to store and manage crypto assets across multiple blockchains.
  2. Visit the Talisman Quests page via our referral link to grab a 3 XP bonus.
  3. Connect an Ethereum Account: Link your Ethereum account to your Talisman Wallet.
  4. Create Your Quests Profile: This profile tracks your progress and allows you to claim rewards.

🔗 Visit the Talisman Quests Application here 👈

From now on you can participate in quests and earn XPs. At the beginning, you can start with those first two quests:

Quest #1: Recruit A Friend (Social Engagement)

Share your referral link and earn 5 XP per friend plus 10% of your friend’s XP earnings forever when they create a Quests Profile. Your friends will get 3 XP for installing Talisman extension wallet.

Quest #2: Apprentice Wallet Mining

Earn 50 XP for linking your wallets or up to 100 XP upon completing the quest. XP is claimable once every 4 hours

Talisman quests profile card

Supported assets that can earn you points by holding are DOT, ETH, USDC, USDT, WBTC & KSM.

Staking the following tokens in the Talisman Pool will earn you extra points: DOT & KSM.

These are just two examples of the many quests available on Talisman Quests. The platform offers a variety of quests that cater to different interests and skill levels, making it a fun and engaging way to learn about Web3 and the Talisman ecosystem.


Talisman Quests offers a fun and rewarding way to explore the exciting world of Web3. By participating in quests and missions, users can gain valuable knowledge, earn rewards, and become active members of the Talisman community. Join the adventure today and discover the many benefits of using the Talisman Wallet!

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