Polkadot governance news #2: Polkadot enables cross-chain functionality

  1. Polkadot: #60 Polkadot Relay Chain v9190 and Statemint v900 Upgrades referendum passed. The Polkadot relay chain upgrade to runtime v9190 enables cross-chain functionality on Polkadot by setting up connections, that are called HRMP channels, and allow asset and message transfers between the relay chain and parachains. By upgrading Statemint common-good parachain to runtime v900, users can now mint assets such as NFT tokens. This is one of the most relevant referenda, so we are glad it went through smoothly and those upgrades were already applied.
  2. Kusama: #191 Statemine Runtime Upgrade to v900 referendum passed and is already executed. It includes some minor changes to XCM that prevent the reserve transfer of assets to Kusama and also it brought improvements to the Uniques pallet to prepare it for XCM V3 and the ability to use NFTs over XCM.
  3. Kusama: #190 Get 63KSM loss from invalid para:0 account back to Parallel Heiko’s sovereign account referendum failed. Due to a missing Dest parachain check on polkadot and an asynchronous bug in dApp, Parallel Heiko chain's user lost 63KSM. It was quite discussed topic in the meantime, but the democratic voting decided not to fund that and not to create such a precedent, because some users simply things that Parallel should take the responsibility for this mistake as soon as they refunded their user.
  4. Kusama: #189 Kusama Runtime Upgrade to v9190 referendum passed. This upgrade includes minor Uniques pallet improvements and xcm v3 preparations, child bounties configuration, lower Kusama staking limits implementation, and a PR enabling migration of slot depositors in crowdloans for parachains to be able to swap slots, among other things.
  5. Kusama: #188 Open HRMP channel between Parallel Heiko and Statemine referendum failed, possibly due to a large negative vote in the last hour of voting. Due to that, Parallel Finance has reposted its proposal to another one with #64.
  6. Acala: Referendum #9 about Runtime Upgrade polkadot-v0.9.18 passed a few weeks ago.
  7. Karura: Referendum #47 about Runtime Upgrade enabling EVM+ phase one for Karura passed a few weeks ago. Phase one is a private release, aiming to test everything on production, with limited dApps available. The first dApp to allow bridging will be the Wormhole bridge.
  1. Polkadot Referendum #61 Lower HRMP Channel Deposits to 10 DOT is going to an end within a day, at this moment it's passing. The actual HRMP Channel Deposit is 20,000 DOT, so the result of this referendum will make access to HRMP channels cheaper and simpler.
  2. Polkadot: Referendum #59 Unbrick Phala Network Parachain (at the team’s request) is going to an end within a few hours, at this moment it's passing. While Phala parachain is bricked at this moment, the dev team is requesting a call to unbrick the parachain.
  3. Kusama: Referendum #193 for RMRK token sufficiency on Statemine. This referendum is going to an end within 3 days and it’s passing at this moment.
  4. Kusama: Referendum #192 Swap para lease between 2003 and 2000 will result in the availability of swapping the present Karura slot to the one that won the recent parachain auction. This referendum is going to an end within 3 days and it's passing at this moment.
  5. Kintsugi: Referendum #29 Increase KSM Collateral Ceiling to 60k KSM started a few days ago and is going to the end within a few days. As stated, this referendum goal is to increase KSM collateral ceiling for vaults from 15.000 KSM to 60.000 KSM. Allowing an increase in the vaults’ collateral will result in the possibility to mint more kBTC. This referendum is definitely very beneficial to the Kintsugi network and the users themselves, but due to the current state of the crypto market and the forthcoming release of a huge amount of KSM tokens from the first crowdloan, the referendum should be fast-tracked, as some people call for that.
  1. Polkadot: Enabling Common-Good Infrastructure at University/College Blockchain Clubs Across the World proposal seeks feedback to support Polkadot nodes at up to 50 different universities worldwide.
  2. Kusama: Proposal #65 to update parachain’s 2115 (Dora Factory) wasm and genesis from bugs.
  3. Kusama: Treasury proposal Wallety.org | maintenance & new features Q2 is referring to the feedback for Wallety.org multi-chain analytics tool.
  4. Kusama: Council motion #468 Swap Leases for Moonriver and Khala is similar to the actual referendum #192 for Karura.
  5. Kintsugi: KBTC Multi-Collateral Support: Proposals for USDC and KINT. Currently, only KSM is accepted as collateral for vaults, but once those proposals will be approved as referenda, Kintsugi could use also USDC and KINT as their collaterals.



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