Polkadot governance news #12: The PINK Memecoin Extravaganza Takes Polkadot by Storm

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Polkadot galaxy, welcome to the latest edition of Polkadot Governance News, your trusted source for updates on decentralized decision-making across the Polkadot ecosystem.

Let's dive into the latest and pinkest spectacle to grace the OpenGov Referenda arena — the $PINK memecoin extravaganza! 🎉💖

While Polkadot founders picked pink as the predominant color, it was just a matter of time, before some pink memecoin would arise. $PINK has now boldly stepped into the spotlight, proposing an outrageous request for a cheeky ~1 million DOT to “paint the Polkadot town pink”. Forget the tech talk, the only reason for $PINK is to shill less about the blockchain and more about memes and fun.

PINK is on a mission to a pinker future for the Polkadot ecosystem and make DOT’s price soar to unprecedented heights, at least this is what the proposal promises. 💕

Yeah, there are very famous pink things in our real world. Be it Barbie, The PINK Panther, Flamingos, the signer PINK, but does Polkadot need PINK? Or even $PINK? The community is united that it doesn't, even Paradox launched the referendum canceler referendum to stop this PINK movement.

But still, it's sometimes good to be less serious for a while. Well…not worth 1M DOT, but at least worth your attention. Or not?

In our governance news, we focus mostly on spending tracks such as

  • Small Spender (up to 10k DOT),
  • Medium Spender (up to 100k DOT),
  • Big Spender (up to 1M DOT), and
  • Treasurer (up to 10M DOT),
  • with some exceptions on some honorable mention referenda.

We focus also on the referenda of Polkadot and Kusama parachains, as they are as important as those on relay chains.

  1. Polkadot Referendum 285, Decentralized Staking Support Group is currently failing.
  2. Polkadot Referendum 284, Maintenance for the substrate-api-client Jan-24 to Jun-24 is currently passing.
  3. Polkadot Referendum 283, Crypto Blood | Youtube Media Package Funding is currently failing.
  4. Polkadot Referendum 282, Discover Crypto | Youtube Media Package Funding is currently failing.
  5. Polkadot Referendum 281, CryptoWendyO | Youtube Media Package Funding is currently failing.
  6. Polkadot Referendum 279, dApp Marvels 💎 — Ink! Ecosystem growth tool is currently passing.
  7. Polkadot Referendum 277, SIAMO TUTTI NON FUNGIBILI | Youtube & Social Media Package Funding is currently failing.
  8. Polkadot Referendum 275, Mind The Chart | Youtube Media Package Funding is currently failing.
  9. Polkadot Referendum 273, MineYourBiz | Youtube Media Package Funding is currently failing.
  10. Polkadot Referendum 272, Clockwise Crypto | Youtube Media Package Funding is currently failing.
  11. Polkadot Referendum 271, Proposal to Fund educational content for MAD CRIPTO MX YouTube Channel and twitter account is currently failing.
  12. Polkadot Referendum 270, Crypto Crow | Youtube Media Package Funding is currently failing.
  13. Polkadot Referendum 265, A Pink Proposal for $PINK is currently failing. Besides that, there is also Cancel Referendum 265 posted by Paradox. Compared to just killing the referendum, canceling won’t slash the proposers’ deposit.
  14. Polkadot Referendum 263, TuPrimerBitcoin: Creation of quality content on Youtube to make the Spanish-speaking Polkadot ecosystem more visible is currently passing.
  15. Polkadot Referendum 261, AllInCrypto’s Strategic Content and Community Engagement Proposal is currently passing.
  16. Polkadot Referendum 260, Crypto India’s 6-Month Educational Campaign — Crypto India is currently passing.
  17. Polkadot Referendum 257, Addressing Polkadot’s Negative Image on Twitter is currently failing.
  18. Polkadot Referendum 256, MASON VERSLUIS — Medium to High impact Polkadot media promotion is currently passing.
  19. Polkadot Referendum 255, Altcoin Daily’s High-Impact Polkadot Media Promotion — ALTCOINDAILY is currently passing.
  20. Polkadot Referendum 252, Retroactive funding for Web3 Education and Investment YouTube Channel Proposal is currently failing.
  21. Pokadot Referendum 250, Bounty Proposal for Polkadot Business Prospects in Brazil — LUI5DOT is currently passing.
  22. Polkadot Referendum 248, Sourabh Niyogi’s Retroactive Funding for Substrate-etl — Sourabh Niyogi is currently passing.
  23. Polkadot Referendum 247, MarketAcross-BB’s PR, Content Marketing, Social Amplifications Proposal — MarketAcross-BB is currently passing.
  24. Polkadot Referendum 245, Tribe/AngelHack’s Milestone 4 for Polkadot Hackathon Global Series 2023 APAC Edition — Tribe/AngelHack is currently passing.
  25. Polkadot Referendum 242, Michael_Republik’s Retroactive & Ongoing Funding for Republik Rupiah — Michael_Republik is currently passing.
  26. Polkadot Referendum 238, IBC x Largest Polkadot Developer Outreach Proposal is currently failing.
  27. Polkadot Referendum 236, Events Bounty V2 Curator Candidacy is currently passing.
  28. Polkadot Referendum 234, Polkadot @CoindeskConsensus 2023, April 26–28, 2023 in Austin, Texas is currently passing.
  29. Polkadot Referendum 228, Alzymologist’s Non-Custodial DOT Payments Integration for Major eCommerce Platforms — Alzymologist is currently failing.
  30. Polkadot Referendum 224, Panegali’s Funding for Brazilian Portuguese Language Content Producers Group — Panegali is currently failing.
  31. Kusama Referendum 309, Kusama System Parachain Collators — Tips Q4/2023 is currently passing.
  32. HydraDX Referendum 90, Transfer 100,000 DOT for parachain auction bidding is currently passing.
  1. Polkadot Referendum 237, Retroactive Funding — Polkasafe Revised Proposal has passed.
  2. Polkadot Referendum 223, Polkadot Pulse 1.0 & Polkadot Networking Night @ IBW, ETHIndia Week has passed.
  3. Polkadot Referendum 219, BlockchainBrad Educational & Journalist Content — 6 Months funding has passed.
  4. Polkadot Referendum 216, Milestone 3 Proposal: Polkadot x EasyA Hackathons at Harvard and in London (#60DaysOfPolkadot) has passed.
  5. Polkadot Referendum 215, Smoldot development financing Q4/2023 has passed.
  6. Polkadot Referendum 213, KRYPTOSCHAIN’s 6-Month Media Funding — The Next Level! has been rejected.
  7. Polkadot Referendum 202, The operating cost for the research organization Polkadot Ecology Research Institute for 2023/10–2024/3 has passed.
  8. Polkadot Referendum 201, KAGOME — the C++ implementation of Polkadot Host milestone 2 has passed.
  9. Polkadot Referendum 200, Polkadot Relayers 2023 Milestone 2 has passed.
  10. Polkadot Referendum 188, ELLIPAL Self-custody Cold Wallet 1 Proposal: DOT/KSM Tokens, Staking,ASTR & GLMR Parachains&Tokens,DOT/KSM/ ASTR/GLMR Swap,WalletConnect v2,Polkadot Wallet Integration has been rejected.
  11. Polkadot Referendum 187, Encode latest tranche request has passed.
  12. Polkadot Referendum 185, Proposal:Polkadot Hackathon 2023 Winter in HongKong has passed.
  13. Polkadot Referendum 183, Polkassembly Social Contract | Maintenance proposal Q3 & Q4’23 has passed.
  14. Polkadot Referendum 181, Polkawatch, Decentralization Analytics, Continued Operation and Development has passed.
  15. Polkadot Referendum 180, Beyond Raw Data: How Polkascan Transforms Subsquid Aggregates into a User-Friendly Polkadot Experience (Polkadot Treasury Proposal) has been rejected.
  16. Polkadot Referendum 179, Polkadot Blockchain Academy — retroactive funding for wave 3 of the Academy held at UC Berkeley this Summer has passed.
  17. Polkadot Referendum 178, Dot Leap 2: Let’s grow! has passed. It focuses on three major pillars, which are Dot Leap website, AI integration and Newsletter continuation, reformatting, and growth.
  18. Polkadot Referendum 177, Polkadot Unity SDK proposal to become a Verified Solution (Part 1) has passed.
  19. Polkadot Referendum 175, SubQuery <> Nova Wallet Common API: Maintenance Cost For Q1-Q2 2023 has passed. It refers to covering expenses associated with maintaining the SubQuery <> Nova Wallet Common API infrastructure.
  20. Polkadot Referendum 172, OpenSquare infrastructure products maintenance(2023 Q2 and Q3) and a new batch of features development has passed.
  21. Polkadot Referendum 165, Polkadot Nominator Insight Hub. Spreading the Best Nominator Strategies through TOP Nomination Leaderboards has passed.
  22. Polkadot Referendum 163, Polkadot Parachain Assets Onramp Bounty Program has passed.
  23. Polkadot Referendum 161 Apillon Platform Milestone 1 Proposal has passed. Apillon is a platform that helps developers create web applications on Polkadot. Apillon aims to simplify Polkadot API access, which will potentially lead to broader developer adoption.
  24. Kusama Referendum 304, Help debug and mitigate Kusama XCM issue has passed.
  25. Kusama Referendum 300, Proof of Chaos Funding has passed.
  26. Kusama Referendum 289, Funding: Decent Partners full stack on/off chain collective was rejected.
  27. Kusama Referendum 284, Public rpc services for kusama, westend and encointer including the common chains in Q3 2023 was rejected.
  28. Acala Referendum 89, Proposal for Acala x Binance web3 wallet campaign has passed.
  29. Acala Referendum 84, Launch DOT LST pool and Adjust Reward Rate has passed.
  30. Acala Referendum 84, Claim LCDOT Upon Acala Crowloan Unlock has passed.
  31. HydraDX Referendum 89, Accept & send HRMP channel open request to Subsocial has passed.
  32. HydraDX Referendum 87, Add INTR to Omnipool has passed.
  33. HydraDX Referendum 85, Launch bonds has passed.
  34. Interlay Referendum 86, Subsquare maintenance request from 03.2023 to 12.2023 has been rejected.
  35. Interlay Referendum 85, Creating a vDOT-INTR Pair has passed.
  36. Interlay Referendum 84, Set Trading Fees has passed.
  37. Interlay Referendum 82, Remove Inflation and add INTR to Omnipool has passed.
  38. Interlay Referendum 80, DeFi Hub Incentives has failed. This proposal suggested renewing the rewards for DeFi users.
  39. Interlay Referendum 79, Adding vDOT into Interlay Lend Market has passed. This proposal aims to add vDOT (Bifrost DOT LST) to the Interlay lend market.
  40. Bifrost Kusama Referendum 20, Subsquare maintenance request from 2023.05 to 2023.12 has passed.
  41. Moonriver Referendum 34, Proposal to Open/Accept HRMP channel with Moonriver and Register Asset xcPICA has passed.
  42. Basilisk Referendum 26, 222,222,222 BSX for liquidity mining has passed.
  1. Polkadot Discussion 2017, Nova Wallet 4th Proposal Report. Novasama Technologies have completed the Nova Wallet milestone 4 proposal. When released v7.0 on 15th September 2023, Novasama Technologies delivered upon all of the promised features.
  2. Polkadot Discussion 2016, Oracle Ecosystem Initiative. Acurast provides a zero trust, off-chain Execution Layer based on secure mobile hardware, offering a trustless and confidential computation environment. It aims to establish an ecosystem-wide solution for oracles accessible in Substrate (Polkadot SDK), EVM, and WASM environments.
  3. Polkadot Discussion 2015, AfterSide Crypto | 6 MONTHS — Youtube & Social Media Package Funding.
  4. Polkadot Discussion 2013, Bitskwela — Bringing Polkadot to the Thriving Philippine Web 3.0 Community.
  5. Polkadot Discussion 2011, Marketing Proposal — Content Creation by Healthy Pockets. The proposal involves partnering with Hugo, a prominent Spanish-speaking crypto influencer with a large following across multiple platforms, to promote Polkadot.
  6. Polkadot Discussion 2006, The Killer Dapp — ApeX Ultimate Fighting Universe. The creation of ApeX, a combat simulation Web3 game that combines the best of Polkadot’s technology and successful elements from other Web3 games. The game will be developed in collaboration with Unique Network, a team that has been building an NFT-specific chain on Polkadot.
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