OriginTrail Parachain: Decentralized Google for Web3


  1. Decentralized knowledge graph
  2. OriginTrail partnerships and usecase
  3. OriginTrail technology stack
  4. OriginTrail parachain
  5. Crowdloan
  6. Tokens
  7. Conclusion

Decentralized knowledge graph

Let’s focus on knowledge graphs first because they are the cornerstone of Origin Trails technology. According to Wikipedia, a “knowledge graph is a knowledge base that uses a graph-structured data model or topology to integrate data”. In other words, a knowledge graph links various physical or abstract data such as objects, people, events, or situations together and creates something that is called a knowledge base.

Knowledge graph example, source: origintrail.io
Real worlds assets, source

OriginTrail partnerships and usecases

OriginTrail is the world’s first DKG that verify and links together the physical world (art, healthcare, fashion, education, supply chains) and the digital world (blockchain, smart contracts, Metaverse & NFTs, and DeFi) in a single connected reality. OriginTrail is already used by the world's largest companies.

OriginTrail usecases and partnerships, source

OriginTrail technology stack

The purpose of OriginTrail is to bring real-world assets into Web3. But that goal is not possible without ensuring trust and utilizing verifiable asset data.

OriginTrail technology stack, source
OriginTrail Layer2: Decentralized Knowledge Graph, source

OriginTrail parachain

Multichain architecture represented by relay chain and parachains is the signature of the Polkadot network. By leveraging the power of the OriginTrail DKG, OriginTrail parachain extends the discoverability, verifiability, and greater value for linked Web3 assets to Polkadot.

Polkadot parachain architecture, source


Once a project wants to secure a parachain slot on Polkadot, there is a necessity of winning a parachain auction. OriginTrail Parachain just launched their crowdloan, so the users can participate to help get the parachain slot and at the same time earn some extra rewards for their contribution. We will be please if you use our referral for the crowdloan contribution :-)

  • 25% of OTP will be available to claim immediately
  • 75% of OTP will vest/unlock linearly over a 96 week period
  • 5% Early bird bonus (limited to 5 000 users)
  • 15% Bonus for strategic contributors
  • up to 5% Referral bonus


OriginTrail uses blockchain for fingerprinting data, which can be done to any blockchain user’s preferences. Tokens on OriginTrail are used for issuing various types of transactions.

TRAC and OTP usage, source: parachain.origintrail.io


  • ERC-20 token on Ethereum
  • utility token that drives the entire DKG
  • used as payment for publishing and updating assets on the network
  • staking on keywords — by locking up, the assets show up higher in search results
  • serves as collateral on DGK nodes, token holders can delegate TRAC to the nodes and earn part of the node rewards
  • circulating supply: 364,4 M
  • total supply: 500 000 000


  • OriginTrail parachain token
  • utility token that facilitates the transactions in the OriginTrail consensus layer
  • used as payment for transactions and smart contracts including the lock-up/subscription model
  • governance — voting for network and treasury proposals
  • serves as incentivization for parachain collators and their delegators
  • total supply: 1 000 000 000
OTP token distribution, source: parachain.origintrail.io


OriginTrail is not a blockchain, but rather a middleware protocol sitting between the blockchain layer and the application layer. It’s a distributed decentralized network that hosts a decentralized knowledge graph.



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