KILT staking: decentralization ahead

What’s KILT?

KILT is a fully decentralized blockchain identity protocol for issuing sovereign, anonymous and verifiable identities. KILT’s mission is to bring back control of personal data to its owner and restore individual privacy. Developers can use KILT’s open-source Javascript SDK to quickly build applications for issuing, holding, and verifying identities, and create additional incentives around identity and privacy. The KILT protocol was originally developed by BOTLabs GmbH.

So.. what’s new in the KILT protocol?

Thanks to the support of its community, KILT secured a parachain slot on the Kusama network and launched as a parachain on September 8. KILT was designed as a limited delegated proof of stake (LDPoS) system with delegates supporting a network of collators who create blocks. In line with this design, an initial cohort of 16 active collat0rs was involved at launch. This number is expected to increase to 75 in the coming months.


Stakeboard is a web application allowing direct interaction with KILT blockchain and KILT staking.

Development in the hands of the community

As part of handing the network over to the ecosystem, BOTLabs GmbH, the company that developed the KILT network, will be publishing a series of tutorials and blogs over the next few weeks to help the community take control of the network. These will include instructions on how to become an active participant in the ecosystem, including how to vote and how to participate in KILT.



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