From Kusama to Polkadot: BEEFY Protocol Set to Standardize Cross-Chain Consensus

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, interoperability stands as a cornerstone for realizing the full potential of decentralized ecosystems. BEEFY, the Bridge Efficiency Enabling Finality Yielder, a groundbreaking consensus protocol designed to revolutionize cross-chain bridging, was recently activated on Kusama, the canary network for Polkadot, so we can expect it on Polkadot within a few weeks or months.

The significance of BEEFY on Kusama

The activation of BEEFY on Kusama marks a significant milestone in the journey towards achieving seamless interoperability. As an experimental network, Kusama serves as an ideal testing ground for innovative blockchain protocols. With BEEFY now live on Kusama, developers and enthusiasts alike have the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative potential of this cutting-edge technology.

Understanding BEEFY

At its core, BEEFY serves as a secondary protocol to GRANDPA, Polkadot’s finality gadget, aimed at optimizing cross-chain bridging. Key features of BEEFY are:

  • Efficient bridging: BEEFY facilitates efficient bridging between the Kusama (and later Polkadot) network and remote blockchains, ensuring smooth cross-chain communication.
  • Space-efficient data storage: BEEFY optimizes data storage, minimizing the size of the finality proof and the effort required by a light client to follow finality.
  • Customizable signature schemes: BEEFY allows for customization of signature schemes, ensuring compatibility with various target chains such as Ethereum.

BEEFY use cases

The activation of BEEFY on Kusama unlocks a lot of use cases. Let’s explore those:

Polkadot < → Kusama bridge

Yes, finally we will be able to bridge between these two relay chains and also their parachains seamlessly.


The path to Ethereum is open now, so once Snowbridge is deployed, the data transmission between Polkadot and Ethereum is released.


Hyperbridge, short for hyper-scalable bridge, aims to connect L2s & L1s to Polkadot and within each other.


With BEEFY now live on Kusama, the future of cross-chain bridging has never looked more promising. BEEFY is set to redefine the way we think about interoperability in blockchain technology, be it for DeFi or even NFTs. And guess what, the deployment on Polkadot is just around the corner!

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