Darwinia: decentralized Golden Gate Bridge to Polkadot

Darwinia: the bridge into Polkadot

Interstellar Product Coding Standard

The unique functionality of Darwinia is also a single identifier code (Darwinia ID), that can mark and identify the same assets on multiple blockchains. This feature makes easier tagging and developing a standardized database. It also makes transfers protected from loss of value while the asset could be sent across different chains at the same time.

Community Request for Comments proposals

Besides the research of the development team, Darwinia accepts Request for Comments (RFC) proposals for modification and improvement purposes from the members of the Darwinia community.


Darwinia Network was launched in 2019 by Itering company from Singapore. They focus on developing blockchain infrastructure with cross-chain capabilities. Itering already received grants from the Web3 Foundation and Polkadot and they won the Substrate Builders Program as well.


Darwinia has two different tokens, RING and KTON. Let’s take a brief look at them.

RING token

RING is the main utility token of Darwinia Network and its use for those purposes:

  • Gas payment for transactions
  • Contract executions
  • Network bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Staking

KTON token

KTON is a derivative of RING tokens. When RING is staked for 3–36 months, there are generated KTON tokens as rewards and also compensation for liquidity loss, that encourage users to HODL RING and commit to long-term lock periods. Since KTON can be minted only when RING is locked, the initial supply of KTON is zero.

Staking tokens

Both the RING the KTON tokens can be used as a bond for staking. As mentioned earlier, by locking RING tokens for 3–36 months, the user will receive a KTON token as a reward. For that locking period, users can’t withdraw their RING tokens, unless they pay the penalty fee.

Staking process of RING and KTON tokens

Darwinia’s canary network Crab

Darwinia Crab Testnet is a Canary Network for Darwinia, similarly as Kusama is a canary network for Polkadot. Crab has the same parameters as Darwinia Mainnet and uses the same staking mechanism and inflation model. Crab will be participating in the incoming Kusama parachain auctions trying to secure one of the first parachain slots.

Darwinia and Crab connection


The initial problem of current smart contract platforms is their isolation. Each blockchain has its own usage limited by its borders. That also prevents the usage of NTFs, DeFi protocols, decentralized exchanges from being usable across different blockchains. This is where cross-chain bridges such as Darwinia came into play.



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