Bifrost RainDOT: mint your own vDOT and earn Raindrop points

Incentives to Gain Raindrops

  • earn 200 Raindrops for every 1 vDOT minted
  • addresses who have participated in DOT decentralized staking can get 500 Raindrops for free unconditionally
  • after inviting DOT Staking friends to successfully claim 500 Raindrops, the inviter and the invitee will each receive 200 Raindrops

vDOT Minting Multiplier

Multiply your Raindrops by staking DOT from September 13th, 2022. The more you stake, the higher the multiplication level:

  • 10 DOT = 5% multiplier
  • 100 DOT = 10% multiplier
  • 1000 DOT = 15% multiplier
  • 5000 DOT = 20% multiplier
  • 10000 DOT = 25% multiplier

BNC Staking Multiplier

Similarly, you can multiply your Raindrops by staking BNC:

  • staking over 100 BNC= 5% multiplier
  • staking over 1000 BNC= 10% multiplier
  • staking over 10000 BNC= 20% multiplier
  • staking over 100000 BNC= 40% multiplier

vDOT Farming

While farming with a single-token lossless farming module, vDOT farming has no impermanent loss risk at all. Users participating in vDOT Farming receive a much higher APR than usual during the RainDOT event. vDOT Farming will last for seven days with a total incentive of up to 15000 BNC.

NFT Whitelist

RainDOT will release 200 Back to Asgard NFT whitelists based on Raindrop rankings. Users who hold the Back to Asgard NFT whitelist can enjoy discounts on NFT incubator purchases. The total number of NFT whitelists is 1000.

Bifrost RainDOT campaign

RainDOT campaign period:

Open: 16 September 2022



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